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  1. Centurion Version History 1.44Centurion Version History 1.44 [Article]
    Build #0001 03/21/17
  2. Centurion Version History 1.42Centurion Version History 1.42 [Article]
    Build #0001 03/07/16 Added
  3. Centurion Version History 1.45Centurion Version History 1.45 [Article]
    This version and associated builds are still being tested. Active beta testing continues with the newest build available Located at the bottom of this list. IF you want to test the latest bui
  4. Centurion Version History 1.43Centurion Version History 1.43 [Article]
    Build #0001 01/01/17 Added s
  5. Centurion Version History 1.39Centurion Version History 1.39 [Article]
    Build #0001 05/20/14
  6. Centurion Version History 1.41Centurion Version History 1.41 [Article]
    #0001 06/25/15 Added built
  7. Centurion Version History 1.40Centurion Version History 1.40 [Article]
    Build #0001 03/17/15
  8. Centurion Version History 1.37Centurion Version History 1.37 [Article]
    Build #0004 12/20/10
  9. Centurion Version History 1.38Centurion Version History 1.38 [Article]
    Build #0001 05/20/13
  10. Centurion Version History 1.35Centurion Version History 1.35 [Article]
    Build #0001 04/19/09
  11. Centurion Version History 1.36Centurion Version History 1.36 [Article]
    Build #0008 09/08/10
  12. Centurion Version History 1.34Centurion Version History 1.34 [Article]
    Build #0001 09/24/08
  13. Centurion Version History 1.32Centurion Version History 1.32 [Article]
    Build #0001 01/15/08
  14. Centurion Version History 1.28Centurion Version History 1.28 [Article]
    Build #0001 12/01/05
  15. False Leap Year reportedFalse Leap Year reported [Article]
    Counters NOT affected will include firmware versions (3.35 and newer) and (4.06 and newer). As with the i
  16. Real Time Clock Adjust During Collection (UPP Series)Real Time Clock Adjust During Collection (UPP Series) [Article]
    Command available in UPP 4.16 and 4.56 and higher Firmware. When subtracting minutes from the clock – This function causes the counter
  17. False Leap Year error in Phoenix, Unicorn, PegasusFalse Leap Year error in Phoenix, Unicorn, Pegasus [Article]
  18. Phoenix Pres style sensor inputs using Relay/OC contact closure outputs from external sensorsPhoenix Pres style sensor inputs using Relay/OC contact closure outputs from ext... [Article]
    The Phoenix, Unicorn and Pegasus units allows for input of relay, open collecto
  19. Trail Counter Field Manual  TTC-4420Trail Counter Field Manual TTC-4420 [Article]
    OVERVIEW The TTC-4420 Trail Traffic Counter is a portable, battery powered instrument for counting traffic on forest trails. The original TCS-90 design was co
  20. How To Update Your TT-6w or TT-8w's FirmwareHow To Update Your TT-6w or TT-8w's Firmware [Article]
    ...ess (TT-6w / TT-8w) before you put them back out for there next service. In fact I would update the firmware p
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