Centurion Version History 1.35

Build #0001 04/19/09

Latest release for supporting the new Intelligent Loop Board (I-Loop) along with many other minor changes and improvements

  • Additional changes for Ohio DOT.
  • Now supports importing and exporting PRN files of SpeedxLength and SpeedxAxle formats. Also supports direct copying to database of various PRN fields like City, Location, Serial Number, and County.
  • System now isolates itself to one CPU core by default. This improves timed serial functionality. New command line argument “CORE=x” where “x” is the processor core to use (or an ‘A’ for all cores, ‘F’ for first core found).
  • Software now supports the V4.00 UPP5 firmware including the new Compression functionality.
  • Multiple changes for Oregon DOT to better support their particular PRN formatting. New options in the Preferences menu to match up the PRN output and to trimextra catch-all bins.
  • Improved the overall program operation and eliminated cause of lockup when closing counter links.
  • Added ability to set “MMC Auto Erase when MMC is Full” feature of V3.24 and higher UPP5 counters.

Build #0002 06/18/09

Build #0002 made the following minor changes and bug fixes:

  • Added warning if cannot create the YOURREG.TXT file to warn users of potential fatal operation error. Program also now creates a copy of YOURREG.TXT on the desktop for easier access.
  • Changed to use DCD, CTS, or DSR as a valid connection signal (only DCD was used prior to this).
  • Fixed bug incorrectly using 115,200 baud on UPP5 counter USB links.
  • Added the I-Loop firmware upload command (when linked to V4.xx and higher counters).
  • Improved the counter firmware upload system to work more reliably over modem connections.
  • Added press Ctrl+Alt+C during counter link to reset entire link without hanging up.
  • Added new tab in the directories preferences showing the BDE configuration and automatically running the BDE Administrator when NET DIR is double clicked.
  • Added “Peek PRN” to the zone auto-export options.
  • Added three new preferences settings for Peek PRN exports:
    • Create sub-directories with station ID's.
    • Auto create Volume when Class is exported and Monthly with volume.
  • Fixed position of Export progress when Scanning Panel is open.

Build #0003 07/27/09

Build #0003 made the following minor changes and bug fixes:

  • Added additional check for BDE sub-folder at “C:\Program Files\Borland\Common Files\BDE”.
  • Changed the PRN exports so that if you enable creating sub-directories then the program overwrites instead of creates a new file for existing PRN files.
  • Fixed some various issues with PRN file exporting across different date ranges.
  • Fixed problem incorrectly trying to print counter setup when Piezo V4 board installed.
  • Made several changes to better support the Titan II:
    • Added CE keyfunction and record interval support for binary files.
    • Added a check so that versions 1.10-1.13 cannot be updated to 1.14 or higher without factory help.
    • Fixed problem with direct serial connection to Titan II switching to 115,200 baud.
  • Added option to not print report headers with black background (Montana DOT request). Enabled in new preferences options “Use Transparent Report Header”.
  • Changed the PRN export utility to use the "Create Volume from Class" and "Create Monthly from Volume" check boxes even when doing a manual export.

Build #0004

Build #0004 adds some initial loop class functionality (including a Per-Vehicle database update) in addition to these other changes:

  • Added "Reverse PRN Speed x Columns" function.
  • Fixed problem with processing TSDP created volume files.
  • Fixed problem with not always seeing overlay data when imports have matching start/stop times.

Build #0006 10/24/09

Build #0006 makes multiple changes to support V4.04 and later Unicorn/Phoenix/Pegasus counters along with these changes:

  • All data and registration info now kept in the Windows standard AppDataDir automatically (no longer asks if the user wants to make the change.
  • Changed to use HTTP instead of FTP for updating the program.
  • Added LoopXSpace to the System Status window (took the place of the unused XON/OFF).
  • Made check in updating the Loop Firmware to skip over same version updates if any board in the stack is different (only update the different ones).
  • Unicorn/Phoenix/Pegasus V4.04 changes:
  • Added ability to enable/disable Opto-Output on I-Loop boards with V4.04 firmware.
  • Fixed a spin-edit problem that turned 16.4' into 16.3'.
  • Added switchover to 16 bit Loop Length value on lane setup fields (also supports change to binary storage format to allow this change).
  • Added block address to firmware update protocol.
  • Added the Per-Vehicle DB Check function to the CheckDB utility.
  • Fixed a problem not updating tables when the # of per-vehicle imports = 0 but the table still exists.
  • Finished the "D" command on the polling system. Users can delete individual files (Dx), a range of files (Dx-y), unretrieved files (D-1), or the MMC (DMMC).
  • Changed to use DBVersion.ini file to determine whether or not to update the per-vehicle database sub-files.

Build #0010

Build #0010 improves the communication system and other program functions as follows:

  • Changed some of the way COM ports are accessed to better prevent AsyncPro lockup issues.
  • Improved program functionality if a different system accesses the COM ports during scanning.
  • Fixed problem with trying to link at 9600 after power cycle (needed to send 0x01 to insure new Get Status worked).
  • Changed the counter link reset key to be the Esc key (instead of Ctrl+Alt+C).
  • Added to the bin table commands the checksum values (and also a couple other places) when this feature is enabled.
  • Added support for V4.05 EPROM's to set the LoopRelay value.
  • Major changes to allow setting and using both the Loop Relay and the Dynamic Sensor Assign values when setting up, viewing, and monitoring lanes with V4.05 and later EPROM’s.
  • Fixed CC problem when doing a Site Data Edit looking for a Gold alias.
  • Fixed a problem on Basic Volume 60 Report when interval length > 1 hour.
  • Added warning message when could not find bin table definitions for Reporting or Exporting.
  • Changed so you can't click out of the add new site box on the map unless something is put in site name line.
  • Added putting an, at the end of an SOIP link followed by an F character to enable double 0xFF characters from being converted to single during a download.
  • Fixed problem not remembering the window position for UPP5 counter links.

Build #0016

Build #0016 adds the ability to Combine (add together) Lanes that overlay in addition to the regular shifting/renaming of a site. This allows users to collect data with multiple counters and directly combine the two datasets at import time (or by using the Merge Sites function).

It also makes these changes:

  • Created a Texas only version with custom features for Texas DOT.
  • Added a separate Author/Publisher website link on the Help menu.
  • Added the 'OVERRIDEUPLOAD' command line switch to help test out MDK units.
  • Multiple changes to PRN importing to allow for better management of PRN files created by Centurion.
  • Now allow PRN Axle Class only imports that are not 15 classes (uses default name of 241A.AXL for class name). This also applies to Speed and Length bin PRN files that do not match the norm.
  • Fixed volume export PRN starting minute not = 0 when force interval >= 60.
  • Added a SpeedByAxle and SpeedByLength Peek sub-folder to prevent file naming problem when creating simultaneous Speed and SpeedByAxle/SpeedByLength tables.
  • Fixed not re-enabling New Site box for using merge function second time.
  • Also fixed merge function not calling up lane shift window automatically.
  • Eliminated issue with not always recognizing when map was displayed at program close. This caused having to press the Map button twice on some occasions to get map to display.
  • Changed display so that large MMC/SD cards show the amount of memory in KB instead of bytes (to fit screen).
  • Fixed problem not displaying Loop Class values in monitor lanes and when mode is Basic or Advanced Loop Class.
  • Multiple advances to the Loop Class Table create function.
  • Fixed per-vehicle shifting/combining problem when adding two datasets that don’t have a partial set start.

Build #0020

Build #0020 fixes a problem not connecting to counters with a bad leap year date setting, adds a Leap Year Fix function to the database, and also makes these changes:

  • Changed to identify different releases of 4.04 to deal with HLE releasing various dated copies.
  • Fixed problem of label on Lane 1 Sensor Spacing.
  • Fixed problem in direct connect high speed MMC downloading (switching to high speed before result comes in).
  • Added support for "LX=" after tune on new 4.50 firmware for reporting updated frequencies.

Build #0024 04/01/10

Build #0024 fixes issue with retrieving files from mixed MMC/RAM files and also makes these changes:

  • Fixed problem not adding station name to SpeedxAxle and SpeedxLength sub-directories when Auto Create Station sub-directories is enabled.
  • Changed Omega download to not use ACK to move forward during download if the block number is wrong by - 1 (try NAK once first).
  • Fixed overlaid text issue when going into Hidden Options menu with UAA.

Automatically change 0 Count Modes into '1' during import.

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