Centurion Version History 1.32

Build #0001

  • Completed support for the Omega Traffic Counter programming & monitoring (via BlueTooth and new USB connection ability)
  • Changed the MDI Form Style to better support multiple documents. This is a major change that provides an “Outlook” style bar on the left side of the main window with buttons for every open window. This method makes it much easier to switch between windows when running in Maximized. The “Scanning” window is also on this bar and when switching from a non-maximized window (like a counter programming window) to a maximized window (like a report) the program automatically restores the maximized state.
  • Changed the Dialing Directory window to be a MDI window and to work more seamlessly with the program. Window now includes an Add & Delete button and right clicking on the directory pops-up a variety of options to sync the Dialing Directory with the Map View (Gold only).
  • Added new Open Terminal Window function to the Telemetry menu to allow direct connecting to any port on your computer. You can also link to a counter from this window.
  • USB Drivers for all Diamond Traffic Products USB Enabled Traffic Counters now included in the install. This includes in addition to the Omega the Phoenix, Pegasus, Unicorn, TCC-540, Unicorn-Limited, & Apollo counters (USB port available on new models). Contact us for specific information on using these drivers.
  • View Calls window now allows clipboard Cut (Control+X), Copy (Control+C), and Select All (Control+A). In addition three new buttons allow you to export any selected records directly to Excel, your Web Browser (HTML), or to a Text File.

In addition, the following minor changes and bug fixes have been made:

  • Changed the way ActiveSync is detected (must now have an active RAPIMGR.EXE process running for Cent-Lite).
  • Completely changed the COM port setup. New Communication preferences window asks detailed questions about how you want Centurion to communicate to devices including new support for USB based traffic counters.
  • Increased initial program loading speed when Bluetooth is installed.
  • Command line "PORT=" now just selects one COM port (i.e. “PORT=23” tells the program to scan on COM23 only).
  • The Modem Rate setting is kept visible if even Modem Initialization turned off for a counter.
  • Firmware upload file names don't have to be in upper case anymore.
  • Fixed problem with after a Cold Restart counter not always correcting blank on Lane Axle configuration lines.
  • Fixed not syncing clock up when in Reset & Restart with TT-6-BT or TT-8-BT counters.
  • Removed "Number of Record Intervals" from the Counter Setups.
  • Fixed problem with closing counter link from Scanning window causing problems with "Port Not Open". New “Start Communications” and “Stop Communications” buttons on Outlook bar work in any mode.
  • All modem setups can now be named to make reference to them easier.
  • Changed so all length values (Sensor Spacing, Loop Length, etc) settable during counter programming are done with a spin edit box (instead of typing in the value).
  • The “Montana” file naming convention has been modified and now applies to all downloaded files (including those done during a direct counter link).
  • Database editor has three new buttons for exporting selected records to Excel, your web browser (HTML), and to a Text file. You can also select all records by pressing Control+A.
  • Window now appears after a Check Database that lists all changes made during the repair process.
  • Error displays if you try to call a site from a modem configuration that does not have a defined COM port.
  • Fixed various issues in polling system with V2.80 and higher EPROM counters (especially with MMC files).
  • Updated support for Omega data files "Extended" Site ID and Info lines.
  • Various corrections to the View Call window have been made.
  • Changed to always use Speed Bin or Length Bin totals instead of Axle Bin totals when importing Classification data and creating a volume table from it. This prevents the problem of some sites being configured in Pres-Pres mode and showing up as all zeros.

Build #0002 02/16/08

Build #0002 made the following minor changes and bug fixes:

  • Took out the "Don't Build On Open" option. Future version may implement this in a different way.
  • Added support for the UPP5 V3.10 set loop detect, drop-out, and warm-up values (check in Set Hidden Options).
  • Fixed various issues connection to UPP5, Apollo, and Unicorn-Limited counters with new USB Port.
  • Added "Site ID Only" naming convention for file names. This applies to downloading and direct linking.
  • Fixed a variety of issues with the Omega link, downloading, and file directory handling.
  • Now handles converting to text correctly data that has environmental storage enabled.
  • For Unicorn, Phoenix, & Pegasus counters running on the V1.10 or later MDK platform, software will now show various battery charge/discharge information (double click on battery voltage to display this info).
  • Fixed problem loading new Omega file format.

Build #0003 03/26/08

Build #0003 made the following minor changes and bug fixes:

  • Changed so initial ID of counter will send 0x01, 0x05, 0x05 quickly if during the initial ID of a counter via telemetry is not working (solved problem with linking to certain sites/modems).
  • Changed the Download Name Based On Site ID function to post review the file for the actual Site ID name and to then rename the file to that name (fixes 10 character vs. 15 character names on older version EPROM’s).
  • Added "?CENT" and "?CENTURION" as doing the same thing as "?STAN" on a polling command.
  • Fixed problem with not autopolling Master/Slave sites correctly (would only poll the first one).
  • Created update versions so Auto-Update feature would work from versions less than 1.32.
  • Fixed a bug in handling 2/29 data when importing (incorrectly changed end date of a data to 3/2).

Build #0005 05/02/08

Build #0005 made the following minor changes and bug fixes:

  • Initial support for new I-Loop board setting of loop voltage and capacitors contained in the V3.15 and later EPROM’s (times, setting/monitoring loops in Test Sensors, and new command under setup).
  • Fixed problem with decoding DOW value (needed to be -1).
  • Fixed multiple problems throughout code handling years 00-99 versus years 1980-2079 (some code thought it was a different way).
  • Now do a "setdisk" and "SetCurrentDir" before doing a web update to insure files go to the correct place.
  • Added a new Toolbar button that allows you to show/hide the Scanning Bar and Quick Bar.
  • Fixed problem on Direct Dial window not being able to type in an upper case Site ID.
  • Added a "Maximum Site Poll Time" value to the Communication Preferences. Polling is automatically disconnected if time exceeds this setting.
  • When opening database from a maximized window it now correctly starts as Maximized.
  • Fixed problem with Daylight savings adjust function when made switchover to Windows Time/Date functions. This was causing the majority of the linking to a counter problem.
  • Fixed problem setting clock on later version EPROM's.
  • Fixed saying letter code 'c' on telemetry regardless of actual version of counter.
  • Fixed version number on TT-6/8-BT (actually a firmware error with V1.00-V1.07 code, fixed with V1.08 and up).

Program no longer exits when it can't find the specified COM port on startup.

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