Centurion Version History 1.36

Build #0008 09/08/10

New release for operation on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (64 or 32 bit version). This includes new libraries, full support for Loop Only Classification, Signed Installers and Drivers so that USB drivers will install under Windows Vista and Win 7, a fundamental change in the base code to use wide strings, and every component library has been upgraded. This release must be installed onto older versions; it is not available as a web update.

Loop Only Classification related changes:

  • Added support for 0x04 Loop Class Flag Field (including new 64/16 Length values).
  • Fixed some bugs editing Loop Class fields in Raw Database.
  • Update I-Loop Board Firmware option no longer displayed when no I-Loop found in system.
  • Major changes implemented to better support loop class table creation and uploading tables to counter. New menu option called “Manage Loop Class Tables” appears when linking to Loop Class enabled counters where you can upload and erase tables inside of Loop Boards. A high speed function is available when directly connecting to counter (otherwise it is done at the regular communication rate).
  • New report for printing Loop Only Classification detail graphs.
  • Added Loop Class Records to New ASCII Exports.

In addition, software now supports Direct Polling of Peek 241/ADR Counters to simplify multi-manufacturer systems, Importing/Exporting the Direct Call Directory to Excel, and these changes:

  • Fixed problem with access error when remember window size function is selected and all windows are closed.
  • Corrected report preview window size when scanning bar is open.
  • Changed Volume Data Dump to only include labels on lanes that are enabled.
  • Changed the default folder to AppDirectory (Application Program Directory, typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Diamond\Centurion [type]). Unless specified by the user, this folder and sub-folders are the only one used by the program at any time.
  • New checks and changes to make sure AppDirectory is fully usable by the program at run time. If it isn’t, a warning message appears so the user can correct the access violations before losing registration and licensing data.
  • Added a Test Directories button on the Directories Preferences box (allows you to insure access to all the directories).
  • Dumped Sedlan “TRestructure” component. Table restructuring now done by our own interface to the database.
  • Added "Lane Veh #" type setting to IF7/SF7 values (for support of new feature in V3.31-3.99 and V4.50+ counters).
  • Added ability to disable Key use for counter reset (go into Counter preferences). This can help if running Centurion with other applications that use the Esc key.
  • Added ability to do a counter reset to the UPP5 Versions < 2.80 and also to the Uni-Lim/Apollo links.
  • Now auto-create the AutoExport folder along with other folder.
  • Fixed the “CC10” command not working in the auto-poller.
  • All counter issue handling updating Enabled Lanes when directional is turned on/off.
  • Fixed passing Unicode Strings to TSDP.
  • Fixed problem adding “_1” onto UAA and UPP5 < 2.80 file names when set to download file based on Site ID.
  • Fixed old bug in APRO not allowing it to work with USB connection to counters (AwWin32.pas modifications, not carried forward with changes other programmer did to make AsyncPro work with Unicode).
  • Added Omega/Titan II "EZOTG Program" and "Code Loader" automatic upload utility.
  • Improved the Terminal window by allowing baud changing during the link (right click inside the box), fixed the backspace function, and made the character display work more smoothly.
  • Fixed some minor issues with Exporting To Excel (string vs. smallint errors) and added in Loop Only class variables.
  • Changed to use a mixed 4.06/4.07 version of the AsyncProlibrary (to eliminate issues with access violations).
  • Changed to support not ever needing pre-setup database aliases (can all be set from inside of program).
  • Eliminated screen flash on program startup (effect of the TChartEditor component).
  • Fixed issue switching from landscape/portrait mode not redrawing screen correctly.
  • Added additional functions to synchronize the Direct Calling Directory to the Map.
  • The database Export folder can now be specified separately from the other database directories.
  • Now uses internally held databases aliases to prevent Windows 7 and Vista issues with writing to the BDE configuration file. Also automatically switch to known good folder for PDOXUSRS.NET to prevent security lock-down keeping the BDE from opening.
  • Added button to the BDE directory tab to allow saving the aliases if the user wants. Also explains to the user that this may cause some systems to hang.
  • Added mask edit to Posted speed limit (must be up to three digits with optional single decimal point).
  • Fixed problem with database Site Copy not correctly making new files with Source sub-folder dates.
  • Fixed several other Source file errors that could crop up with Site Delete, Site Merge, and Site Setup Report function.
  • Changed the name of the function to add two sites together from the Site Setup Editor from "Merge Sites" to "Combine Sites". This is to help distinguish it from the other Merge Sites function available from the main database view. Also added in some explanatory text to help users understand the difference between the functions.
  • Fixed problem with the Parking Lot monitor not re-displaying the counter monitor bar after closing the window.
  • The "Tuning..." message is now cleared correctly after retuning loops.
  • Eliminated the SOIP option on the Open Terminal Window. Instead, a new button allows you to "Call With Terminal" from the Direct Call a Site function. This works with both SOIP and standard sites.

Fixed problem with not sending password correctly to old style UPP5 and all UAA counters.

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