Centurion Version History 1.44

Build #0001 03/21/17

First version with support for the Omega G added in, with both an Advanced and Simple screen now are displayed with this counter.  Link is almost identical to the Omega X3, except there are only two inputs and you cannot turn on Bluetooth MAC Address scanning.

  • First release with Omega-G interface included.
  • Fixed bug in TSProcess that allowed "Divide By Zero" in certain cases.
  • Fixed not bing able to View Results" of TSProcess output when doing Import Data (instead of when manually processing).
  • Added an automatic Lot Reset time (defaults to Never) to reset the Lot count automatically at a particular time of day.
  • Changed the report generator so that as long as the user does not ever click the button to select specific lanes, the generator always reloads new selected lane defaults between reports.

Build #0002 04/06/17

  • Added ability to handle "Interval Data posted from the Iris Modem Stand Alone product and collected from Kronos devices. This includes
    • New "DDS" button on the Parking Lot Monitor
    • New "DDS Setup" screen allowing configuration of DDS Sites (inc. MEID, Description, In Lanes, Out Lanes, & Timezone).
    • DDS Setup screen also allows user to enter:
      • Account
      • Password
      • Remote Polling Interval
      • Database Storage Interval
      • Default Timezone
    • Advanced processing of input data to correctly populate the database.

Build #0003 04/12/17

  • Changed so that new Time/Date records inside of X3 data files are not always treated as fixed, use them as reference only (to handle changes from a GPS update to the Time and Date).
  • Added new flag fields 0x07 and 0xFF05 which contain GPS with Time/Date. This is to store new time & date values without affecting current time/date settings in the file (leave it up to Centurion to handle later on).

Build #0004 04/22/17

  • Added new "LCM" style SQL or text database output of all Interval data collected by Parking System + Interval counters.  New "LCM" button at bottom of DDS setup screen allows setup of this feature.
  • Fixed bug in creating LCM Database directories.
  • Added ability to create SQL database similar to style of Centurion database when using LCM and Interval Data.

Build #0005 04/30/17

  • Added reading/setting Incident detection options for UPP (V2.80 and higher).   Go to Set System Configuration -> Incident Detection to configure the various options.

Build #0006 05/10/17

  • Added File -> Preferences -> General -> PRN option to "Put '01' in PRN Export Columns 1-2 and 4-5 when no other value is specified" option.   This changes the PRN exports to use "01" or "01 01" instead of "00" and "00 00" as previous versions have been using.
  • Added ability to set Omega X3, Omega G, RR3 and TT-200 serial numbers from main link screen by double clicking on the "Serial #".   Will only allow appending last 5 characters, and preserves the first 10 as set by the factory (with spaces added as needed between the first 10 and last 5).
  • Fixed bug in "Simple" Omega X3 and Omega G interfaces doing firmware update (would lock at loading new program and not complete the update).
  • Changed Data File Wizard Class Report to do a new page for Length data if Axle & Speed bins are both enabled.
  • Added option to File -> Preferences -> General -> Export to "Export Binary with 'Extended' site info". This defaults to enabled, unchecking this option causes exported Binary files to use the short file header instead.
  • Fixed bug that caused imports to stop when the data interval length is set to blank or zero on an existing database entry.
  • Added new "DDS Interval Data Monitor" function from the DDS menu.  This new function allows DDS Interval data to be collected outside of the Parking Lot Monitor:
    • Link to the DDS under user specified account.
    • Download Interval Data files at user specified intervals.
    • Process the data in real time into both Centurion and SQLite datbase formats

Build #0007 06/08/17

  • Fixed some field issues with both PLSystem and DDSMonitor and SQL output (would sometimes not update existing records).
  • Made sure multiple calls to DDS Monitor does not open the window more than one time.
  • Updated to LiteDAC (SQLite) V3.0.1.
  • Added "CMA File Processing" to the telemetry function (comma delimited output format processing).
  • Added a special file processing for interval counts to File Open dialog (available if DoCMAFilePeriodCheck=true). When enabled, system scans and analyzes file to open and makes a report
  • Added setting B-Filter and all Loop ID Strings for V5.02 firmware (and higher). Also can set VOUT and VOUTBaudRate (or leave unset).
  • Added "UPPHS" command line option to enable 115.2Kbps firmware updateing (for V5.xx and higher counters).
  • Added current loop settings to UPP Setup Report.
  • Added "Reboot Counter" option on UPP Cold Restart screen for V5.02 counters (and higher).

Build #0008 06/12/17

  • Fixed bug, catching zero counts and high SnMis counts with the Data Integrity check function.

Build #0009 06/30/17

  • Added a version number, type of Centurion, and what checks were applied to the Data Integrity Check function (at end if any errors were found).
  • Added some color and font style changes to the Data Integrity list.
  • Added check to see if Centurion is already running under a different login (like the Polling system). If it is, a window appears asking what you want to do - Run it here also, Close other, or just close.
  • Fixed bug in main link screen downloading files without opening the counter connect window.
  • Fixed the "rtl" and "Exception" error messages when closing link to traffic counter.

Build #0010 07/20/17

  • Added option to include a "total" column on bin tables when opening a binary file to view in the text editor. Shows up as "[xxxxxx]" at beginning of line.
  • Added new "High Counts" Data Integrity check option.

Build #0011 07/28/17

  • Fixed a bug in processing Timestamp data with Bluetooth MAC addresses (was confusing it with Bluetooth only binary data file). Can now import files with a mix of data types.
  • Changed HighCounts.txt to generate using average count for hour and day instead of peak count.

Build #0012 08/26/17

  • Changed the DDS system to handle anything for an IMSI name (not just 10 digit numbers).
  • Fixed bug in setting the position of the DDS Monitor window ni some situations.
  • Added a new "DDS Map" function that allows the placement, view, and printing of a complete map of the DDS Sites.
  • Added updating database with Lat/Lon from setting inside of DDS Monitor.
  • Switched out GMap for TMS Map component.
  • Changed the "Rate" line to be the "Port" value when connecting by SOIP in the direct call or the Polling system

Build #0014 09/09/17

  • Added support for Iris Modem Standalone firmware V0.90 (and higher) including:
    • Can now enter in both the output file name and the IMSI value per site.
    • Shows the current firmware version number.
    • Supports using "Settings" sub-directory.
    • Can set interval times for each site independently.
    • Can choose to change firmware versions for each site.
  • Fixed not allowing a "Link & Download Normally" from the RR3, TT-200, & Omega X3 traffic counters.
  • Fixed new reports switching from regular data to Bluetooth.
  • Fixed date in Bluetooth Travel time (was only showing first two digits of the year).

Build #0015 09/15/17

  • Fixed two "Check & Repair" errors associated with Bluetooth database entries.
  • Made the DDS Monitor use the MEID number when no station is set (this allows just setting the MEID without setting the Station).
  • Fixed a bug setting Info Lines with Station values in DDS Import.
  • Added new "Change DDS Monitor File..." to allow selecting a different DDS import file and to allow multiple different setups.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the DDS Monitor handling more sites and when you are using it without controlling the interval.
  • Fixed a bug setting the Counter Type through TSProcess (for Omega & Omega-G counters).

Build #0017 10/23/17

  • Fixed a bug not recognizing extended lane info when the extended header data was not included.
  • Added new "Omega X3 PIR" monitor screen to the Telemetry View (to live view the IR output from the OPI device).
  • Added remembering the COM port and Baud rate for the Telemetry Terminal window.
  • Fixed a bug in Centurion Free, for not displaying TT-200-DL data in the database view.

Build #0018 11/07/17

  • Added support for UPP V5.05 firmware
    • New file create options, Every 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 12 hours
    • Ability to set the Directional Timeout value.

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