Centurion Version History 1.38

Build #0001 05/20/13

  • Adds support for RoadRunner III (RR3) binary files, counter communication (programming, monitoring, downloading), and connection between RR3 and TSDP for data file processing.

Build #0002 05/31/13

  • Fixed not including SnMis in the TMG Export Output
  • Added support for “CREAD” like functionality as follows:
    • New Preferences option to switch to CREAD Functionality on TMG and Connecticut style Exports.
    • Added Connecticut CREAD Style TMG Card 3, Card 4, and Card C.
    • Added Connecticut Upload and Special Interval Formats.

Build #0003 06/04/13

  • Fixed some issues with importing RR3 data (was being called an Omega).
  • Made a few other corrections to importing/exporting RR3 data.

Build #0004 06/04/13

  • Fixed problem when RR3 reports zero flash available.
  • Also made RR3 firmware updates from setting screen correctly hide the settings panel.

Build #0005 07/31/13

  • Changed the Parking Lot System to better handle the “Broadcast vs. Addressed” mode of transmission. Also do some initialization and other important housekeeping at start of initialization.

Build #0006 08/15/13

  • Parking System Changes:
    • Fixed issues related to exceptions and other errors during the manual Link process.
    • Corrected background colors on Lot and Counter configuration.
    • Added a “Poll Now” button to help test and to make this option available for customers.
    • Added “Poll When Possible” option to allow for polling the counters when they become connected.
    • Fixed multiple issues with not working and/or locking up the polling system under different scenarios.
  • Fixed issue with Per-Vehicle files saying they overlap when they really don’t.
  • Changed the PLSystem Close() function and the Main() close function to not abort until PLSystem timer has ended and closed out.

Build #0007 08/20/13

  • Fixed a problem with not re-polling constantly connected counters when “Poll When Possible” enabled in Parking Lot System.

Build #0008 09/13/13

  • Fixed not setting the UPLOAD.TXT directory correctly for ConnDOT exports.
  • Added “Connecticut” formats to the polling Auto-Export setup.
  • Added new option to Preferences->General->Exports to “Auto-Export all imports to ConnDOT formats (both UPLOAD.txt and TMG3 or TMG4 depending on type of data imported.

Build #0008 09/13/13

  • Fixed not setting the UPLOAD.TXT directory correctly for ConnDOT exports.
  • Added “Connecticut” formats to the polling Auto-Export drop down menu.
  • Added new option to Preferences->General->Exports to “Auto-Export all imports to ConnDOT formats (both UPLOAD.TXT and TMG3 or TMG4 depending on type of data imported.

Build #0010 10/16/13

  • Created new “Centurion-Free version with these changed:
    • Will only allow selecting database data that has RoadRunner or RoadRunner 3 as the [Counter Type].
    • Does not require licensing of any type.
    • Will only open or import data from RoadRunner based files.
    • Only supports linking to RoadRunner 3 units.
  • Fixed bug not showing Splash screen (with CC and Free).
  • Changed the way the RR3 Temperature Offset and Temperature display works (new version compatible with RR3 Firmware 0.93 and higher).

Build #0011 10/25/13

  • Fixed displaying two decimal points on RR3 monitor screen.

Build #0012 01/07/14

  • Corrected problem importing PRN files with >= 10 lanes of data.

Build #0014 01/09/14

  • Added support for RR3’s to communicate at either 9600 or 19200 baud.

Build #0015 01/14/14

  • Increased memory size available to AutoPolling Feature.

Build #0016 01/20/14

RoadRunner 3 Changes:

  • Made TimerCSpinEdit and TimerDSpingEdit invisible on two input RR3’s.
  • Disabled “Complete Memory Wire”, Restore Factory Defaults”, and “Firmware Update” if collecting data.
  • Fixed sometimes displaying 4 inputs on 2 input based counters.
  • Changed Connecticut TMG Class output to use “.CLA” extensions Class data and “.VOL” for count.

Build #0017 02/11/14

  • Fixed wrong year on RR3 file directory (and saving files to disk).
  • Added support for RR3 V1.04 individual sensitivity settings for all four A/D input channels (A-D).
  • Added support for V4.74 UPP code that supports the new “Interval” vehicle output mode and for setting new “Keep Port On” function.

Build #0018 03/04/14

  • Added “-EXITIMPORT” command line switch to make the program exit immediately after any import(ing) has finished.
  • Fixed several Export To Excel issues dealing with the Export Forced Interval and Per-Vehicle data.
  • Modified the Bin Table Editor to support the new “Bike Detect” vehicle modifier.
  • Added support for UPP V4.76 changes to include bike detect and new bin table setup.
  • Added new database values “Bicycle Detect” and the “LClass1/2 Modifier”.
  • Added a “+1 to New Imports” check box on the Leap Year screen to allow manual shifting of data to be imported (non-persistent).

Build #0019 03/11/14

  • Made changes for V2.10 Speed/Length tables (includes bin table modifiers).
  • Updated for V4.76 changes to the Speed/Length tables.
  • Fixed multiple issues with new Vehicle Modifiers and various V4.76 related functions.

Build #0020 03/12/14

  • Fixed the upper byte being corrupt on the TT-6/8 version data word.
  • Added support for the type of data byte in the header of TT-6/8 counters.

Build #0021 03/22/14

  • Rebuilt all versions with new install of “RAD Studio 2010” on updated DET computer system “SOFTWARE2”.
  • Fixed missing “Special Vehicle Markers” on the Per Vehicle flow report.
  • Implemented new “Simple” RR3 interface (Black/Green style).

Build #0022 03/25/14

  • Fixed problem loading older V2.00 bin tables.
  • Corrected issues with not seeing the “Bicycle Detect” value during exporting and in certain reporting modes.
  • Changed the RR3 simple interface to:
    • Not stopping collection until the user completes setting all variables.
    • First sends a Set Time value “SK”, then stops collecting “SO”, and then does the start collecting “SA”.

Build #0023 03/26/14

  • Added option (on by default) to have RR3 downloads of the open file without closing it.
  • No longer auto-set the RR3 clock in Simple mode when collecting is active (this is saved for the RESET function).
  • Multiple changes to support updated V1.05 RR3 firmware that fixes the RTP polling problems. This includes manually setting the file End Date/Time on these files.

Build #0024 04/03/14

  • Fixed error in creating Loop Class tables (L1/L2 Modifier).
  • Added support for UPP v4.35/4.78 Charger values.

Build #0025 04/15/14

  • Fixed the Class Table name on the Loop Class results output.
  • Fixed a bug in setting “MAX” values during table creation.
  • Fixed a second bug in setting min values for certain class comparisons based on bin type and length.
  • Multiple changes to min length versus vehicle length to compensate for differences in certain vehicle types.
  • Added default setup buttons for creating Loop Class Tables with either “Most Accurate” or “Closest to Axle Based”.
  • Added new settings “Use Best Length instead of Total Length” and “Always use high resolution Percents” to class table creation.
  • Added high resolution percents to the Loop Class table structure.

Build #0026 04/20/14

  • Users can now de-select creating the 64/16 Chain files during loop class table creation (unneeded for most users and saves time and disk space).
  • Added initial support for importing TMG files (for most types including Card 3, 4, and C).

Build #0027 05/09/14

  • Changed from TFileOpenDialog to TOpenFile to continue support under Windows XP.
  • Added new “Static CSV” export format for all data types (Volume, Per-Vehicle, & Class). Includes multiple formatting options and can export to a combined file or one file per lane.

Build #0028 05/11/14

  • Added “Missouri” and “Quality Counts” CSV export formats.

Build #0029 05/12/14

  • Added a “Disable Loop Auto Check” to work with UPP V4.37 and V4.81 (when checked, loops are never auto-retuned with lack of count).

Build #0030 05/14/14

  • Added check of all RR3 end date/time files and resets them automatically whenever they are off.
  • Changed the names of the CSV formats to “CSV ASCII Diamond”, “CSV ASCII Static TV”, and “CSV ASCII Static IP”.
  • Fixed some minor issues in the Static TV and Static IP formats.
  • Fixed not disabling charger functions when unchecked in the dialog.

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