Centurion Version History 1.34

Build #0001 09/24/08

New version which includes the TSDP (Timestamp Data Processor) subsystem. This highly advanced program allows for the analysis of all Timestamp data collected by the new Omega Traffic counter. TSDP provides the user with the flexibility of collecting and processing timestamp data, which can increase data accuracy to more than 99% (depending on the lane and site configuration).

In addition, the following minor changes and bug fixes have been made:

  • Multiple changes for Ohio DOT (exporting, importing, and lane shifting changes).
  • Removed SnMis totals from TMG Exports.
  • Fixed problem not allowing Lane Grouping imports on Unicorn-Limited counters.
  • Several changes to processing Omega data files. Includes support for new 0xFC module (Block Text) in addition to better handling of the Last Study variables.
  • Fixed problem with access violation on Peek Monthly export.
  • Added new option "Always ask about overlay data". This is to help with multi-file imports and allows the user to specify what to do with each file.
  • Changed to allow user to select same lane as existing data for lane shift function during import.

Build #0003 11/03/08

Build #0003 made the following minor changes and bug fixes:

  • Added binary file support for new Titan II data.

Fixed variety of problems with linking to and downloading data from Omega counters.

Build #0009 02/07/09

Build #0004-0009 made the following minor changes and bug fixes:

  • Multiple changes for Ohio DOT auto-export functionality.
  • Added an “Operator” and “Weather” field to database imports.
  • Fixed bug exporting to Binary when gap present in data.
  • Added ability to firmware upload to Unicorn, Phoenix, Pegasus, and TCC-540 counters with an MDK V1.10 motherboard and V3.21 or later firmware.
  • Added support for new Titan II traffic counter (linking, downloading, and TSDP processing).

Build #0010 03/01/09

Build #0010-0013 made the following minor changes and bug fixes:

  • Added ability to move all setup information to the Windows shared directories. This is asked on startup and the user can choose yes or no without affecting the program functionality (but it does allow for better support of Windows security issues).
  • Made multiple changes to the way serial communication works with dialup and SOIP. Users can now set a timing multiplier for each method in the Telemetry preferences tab (to speed up or slow down connection rates).
  • Added sending logoff characters to counters on SOIP links.
  • Changed to use new EMS QuickExport V4.1 (which fixed a problem with Excel spreadsheet errors).
  • Made multiple changes and improvements to setting/reading loop dropout values and N.C. Frequency with the new I-Loop board.
  • Sped up writing out system options in counters with V2.80 and higher firmware.
  • Added importing and exporting SpeedxLength and SpeedxAxle Peek PRN files.
  • Fixed a problem with ODOT export files when individual files are used and there are even day gaps in data.

Changed the way COM ports are identified and used. No longer use the IsPortAvailable command first. Instead all device names are checked continuously to allow connection of a USB->Serial adapter after the program has started.

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