Centurion Version History 1.43

Build #0001 01/01/17

Added support for V5.00 of the UPP firmware (with support for the Cascade-IoT modem and the Diamond Data Server).

  • First release of Centurion with support for UPP V5.00 firmware.
  • This includes all of the Cascade-IoT modem programming support.
  • Added support for 115.2kbps firmware upload to V5.00 counters that are direct link connected.
  • Fixed Omega X3 saying DDS transfer at midnight instead of 1am.

Build #0002 01/27/17

  • Completed modem rename to "Iris" Modem.
  • Added support for direct link to the Diamond Data Server for customer to access their uploaded data files:
    • New "DDS" Menu item with "DDS Configuration" and "DDS Files" options.
    • DDS Configuration allows programming the account number and password, and also allows the user to "Test" their configuration.
    • DDS Files is much more comprehensive and will go out and load a complete list of files that can be easily downloaded into Centurion with a variety of options.
  • Modified the GEOCOUNTS format to:
    • Changed to use feet instead of inches on all US formats.
    • Changed to use semicolons after each axle spacing on Per-Vehile records
    • Added auto-conversion of North, South, East, West, etc to numbers on the "SC" record.
    • Added new "SE" records for Station Equipment and Lane Configuration.
    • Added new "SL" records for describing the bin tables.
    • Added Bluetooth to the V; record output.
    • Additional changes (Based on submitted notes):
      • Made time three decimal points (Bluetooth and PerVehicle).
      • Added a "SC 0" record for Bluetooth
      • Changed the MAC Address to a "Long Long" value(instead of separate hex numbers).
      • Changed Bluetooth "gc" tab to "rssi" tag.
      • Changed Bluetooth "bttype" tag to a numeric of 0-Standard, 1-LE Public, 2-LE Random
      • Fixed having two underlines at end of file name.
      • Tweaked the Volume/Binned formats to use non-zero for the period when interval is not 60 minutes.
      • Added the Axle and Length class (TC and TL) lines with per-vehicle output.
  • Fixed bug causing Violation Error when reopening database view and the default view page is on Bluetooth data.
  • Added a new "Bluetooth -> Volume" Import function from DBView window.
  • Changed the Export dialog to only list the formats available for the particular type of data (Binned, PerVehicle, Volume).
  • Added new "TMG PerVehicle" export format.
  • Added a "Filter Command/Response" from counters option.

Build #0003 02/01/17

  • Fixed not setting DDS Files status labels to black on new function starts.
  • Added setting the various Omega X3 configurations from the Start Collecting menu (in the Advanced Link Screen).
  • Added support for V1.35 Omega X3 firmware which allows complete lane configuration setup to be sent at start of Monitor.
  • TSProcess changes:
    • Fixed problem not handling overlapping lanes in PerVehicle Data.
    • Fixed ordering of vehicles on PerVehicle output.
    • Fixed minimum speed to actually be 5mph (7.3ft/sec).

Build #0004 02/08/17

  • Fixed not handling DDS in the Omega X3 simple interface.
  • Added selecting 'divide by 2' to the Omega X3 setup.
  • Added 4 tubes with directional to the TSProcess display screen.
  • Fixed a problem with how the Omega X3 retrieves Unretrieved files when not processing the entire memory.
  • Tweaked some of the Omega X3 simple and advanced start collecting parameters:
    • Added the "Ask Storage Mode and Lane Configuration" on keypad during Start Recording" option.
    • On volume views, the timestamps show up individually and the total count correctly handles if 'divide by 2' is turned on.
    • Completed implementation of Lane Subtract and Directional on the Total Count display during monitor mode and Volume data.
    • Fixed handling reversed lane overlap. Also updated display of sensor layouts in TSProcess to include channel labels.

Build #0005 02/09/17

  • Fixed a bug that was displayed when the New Reports button was clicked.
  • Added retry attempts during the login process for DDS Files.

Build #0006 03/08/17

  • Added support for Omega X3 Iris Modem SMS/Texting Options (to go along with Omega X3 firmware V1.36).
  • Changed to use the word "texting" instead of SMS.
  • Added support for 0xFF0x04 (Text/SMS Message) inclusion in data file.
  • Added warning message if texting is enabled without setting at least one phone number.
  • Changed setting SMS values to CTRL+F8.

Build #0007 03/09/17

  • Fixed bug handling Lat/Lon with starting zero.
  • Fixed setting Sensor Spacing and Loop Length on Lanes 3 & 4 with TSProcess.
  • Added a "Size" column to the DDS view.
  • Added "Example Only" to display as background of DDS Files when no credentials have been specified.

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