Centurion Version History 1.40

Build #0001 03/17/15

  • Adds New “Live Counter Monitoring System” and also includes initial support for the Omega X3 traffic counter.

Build #0002 04/01/15

  • Modified the Loop Class Analysis table and fixed several total count issues found.
  • Changed the loop class generator to default to class 2 when all zero’s have been found in the 64 bit ID and Loop Class Values.
  • Changed the Loop Class table generator to accept all zero codes as valid and will generate percentage based loop class values for that data.

Build #0003 04/02/15

  • Added radar text file import functionality.

Build #0004 04/13/15

  • Changed the LCM function to combine the ADate and ATime value as a new single “EpochTime” value which is the Unix Epoch time.

Build #0005 05/10/15

  • Changed the Terminal window to have a saved position and size.
  • Modified the Omega X3 firmware update function to support 6 digit address values

Build #0006 05/20/15

  • Made various changes for Omega X3 connection.

Build #0007 06/12/15

  • More changes for Omega X3.

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