Centurion Version History 1.39

Build #0001 05/20/14

Now includes support for Google Maps:

  • Added new “Edit Longitude/Latitude” dialog box.
  • Added “View Using Google Maps” dialog box. This calls up a google map API which allows users to put their site(s) on the map.
  • Fixed bug in CSV export (when Export to Single file is selected in other modes).

Build #0002 05/29/14

  • Major change with adding new “Data File Wizard”. This is activate by default with any new imported file, and is specially designed to work with the RR3 data (although it will work with any type or source of import).
  • Fixed bug in PerVehicle Flow Report that was misclassifying vehicles.
  • Fixed issue with Timestamp counters (Omega, RR3, and Titan II) not auto-importing after a download.
  • Added support for Lat/Lon values that are either “xxd x.xxxm c” or a straight floating point number.

Build #0003 06/05/14

  • Increas wait and delay times on the YModem uploader for Loop Class tables. Not really necessary for it to work, but as a safety precaution.
  • Fixed bug in Basic Classification report (using Abin.TotalBins instead of SBin).
  • Added the three summary reports (PerVehicle, Classification, and Volume) to the standard Report Generator. These now include ability to select the lanes and to enable/disable using SnMis in Classification.
  • Fixed bug in calculating some values on the Per-Vehicle summary report (needed DWORD64 instead of int).
  • Fixed bug not reloading new bin table definitions after changing them in the “Change Bin Tables” function. Also did this when editing the Site Setup.
  • System now auto-reporcesses the data after a “Site Reclassify” is executed.
  • Removed the numbers from the default charts on all summary reports.
  • Added new “Replace Existing Data” option on the Import Overlay window.
  • Made the Data Overlay option save by default.
  • Fixed bug in not saving the “LastOverlay” values correctly (which lets subsequent imports of the same site ID to get treated the same for overlay purposes as the first site with that Site ID).
  • Now shows current import file name right below the Importing progress bar.
  • Fixed bug in the Check & Repair function which was causing an access error.
  • Added a Delete Site function to the Main DBView popup.
  • Fixed bug not displaying data in the Data File Wizard after doing a merge sites from the main DB List View.
  • Merge sites will correctly update the Start Date-Time and End Date-Time of both entire site record and individual import records if they impinge on each other during the merge.

Build #0004 06/16/04

  • Added ability to delete all lane data (in addition to the laneset record) when deleting a lane in the Site Setup Editor.
  • Added direct importing of TSDP created data files.
  • Fixed bug displaying lane setup info on all of the summary reports when there was no data for that lane being printed.
  • Added “Interval” and “Lanes” to the DBView display.
  • Added very cool Start/End Date to the DBView display. Also added a reset button and a Year Select Button to make choosing the range easier.
  • Added new Site List print from the main DBView display (prints a list of all sites with their basic information – as displayed in the DBView display).
  • Enabled the mouse wheel scrolling on the Generic Preview.
  • Changed the icons on the DBView display to match those of the Data File Wizard.
  • Auto-switches to Landscape mode if > 20 bins of any type in the report generator (and in the Data File Wizard).

Build #0005 06/19/14

  • Fixed bug in the Special Speed Study headers (wasn’t using new bin format).
  • Added new “Open in Excel” function in the Data File Wizard. This creates a formula based excel file (when possible) using the CSV file format to present data in the report view.

Build #0006 07/18/14

  • Changed to one check mark on the “Apply Changes” button in the Adjust Map View dialog box.
  • Changed the Year Select on the DB View to not allow user input.
  • Changed the text on the DB View to say either “No Data Imported!” or “No Data Visible with Current Date Range” depending on if the user has modified the default date range view or not.
  • Eliminated showing “0.0” on unused Axle Spacings for the PerVehicle Data Dump.
  • Added “Open in Excel” to the Report Generator for these reports:
    • PerVehicle Summary
    • Classification Summary
    • Volume Summary

These are similar to the Report Exports that are available in the Data File Wizard, except they also can select the specific lanes to include.

  • Added “Open in Excel” to:
    • PerVehicle Data Dump Report
    • Classification Data Dump Report
    • Volume Data Dump Report

This includes all vehicle data (except for Loop Class) in addition to adding a variety of Excel formula calculations at the end of the report (as a summary section). In Volume and Class, it also fully supports Forced Intervals.

  • Fixed a problem uploading new speed class tables to UPP counters.

Build #0007 08/04/14

  • Added recognition of the Wizard Sign Board to the counter connect string along with a basic program/monitor window.
  • Now recognizes UPP V4.38 and V4.82 “Float Charging” enable info in the IFF enquire. Will show when system is Charging or Not Charging on the main status window with a Red LED if charging, or Green if charger is shut off.

Build #0008 08/13/14

  • Fixed a problem with “Invalid Date Encode” on linking to new Wizard sign boards.

Build #0009 11/13/14

  • Improved restarting a failed upload inside of the Terminal window with RR3’s.
  • Fixed issue not creating separate CLA files when doing ConnDOT auto-export.

Build #0010 11/19/14

  • Added “-AUTOPOLL” command line argument to start the normal autopolling when Centurion begins.

Build #0011 12/11/14

  • Added support for V4.39-4.49 and V4.83+ options.
    • New loop multiplex enable/disable (can be set for each loop board individually).
    • New “Detects-in-a-row” and “Drops-in-a-row” value.
    • Added ability to set the loop "Max On Time" value
    • Most loop values are now set inside “Advanced Loop Settings” window, and some additional settings are available from clicking a loop in the test sensors window.

Build #0012 12/16/14

  • Added a firmware version check when the user clicks the “Reset” or clicks the “Finish” button after a download on the RR3 simple interface to trigger an upload of a new firmware release to the counter.
  • Changed the “Main Program” directory to be not editable inside the program in the directories preference box.
  • Changed the Michigan format to set the lane direction code to “02”, “06”, or “09” if it finds that value in the Lane Info line (otherwise uses values programmed into the export window.
  • Added a buffer to the test sensors function to make it more reliably show very quick activations of the loop detector.

Build #0013 12/23/14

  • Added new Terminal Window mode for displaying graphs from the “CMA” output format mode of the 170Duo controller.

Build #0014 01/02/15

  • Changed the RR3 simple interface auto-firmware update to also do a complete memory wipe before updating the firmware.
  • Added a “Port” button to easily change the COM Port on the main scanning panel. Also updated the Bluetooth icon image.

Build #0015 01/17/15

  • Fixed bug in checking speed bin overlay and gaps with older style UPP counters (V2.8x) and all UAA counters.
  • Increased delay time on waiting for response from Mxx command.

Build #0016 02/17/15

  • Added support for “Disable Loop Output Except for Bicycles”.
  • Fixed not reading the S00 values in before accessing the bicycle detect function in the Advanced Loop dialog.
  • Added being able to set the bicycle detect from Volume/Sensor when at least version 4.86 (even without Loop Class enabled lanes).

Build #0017 02/25/15

  • Added “Enable CLR Graphing” and “Process CLR Graphing File” to the telemetry view screen.
  • Added initial support for the Omega X3 traffic counter (not yet complete).

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