Centurion Version History 1.28

Build #0001 12/01/05

New version with the following major additional features:

  • Added support for the new TT-2/4/6/8 Bluetooth Traffic Counters. These devices use wireless communications to program, monitor, and download data.
  • Complete new Gold Version of Centurion. This new version adds in a complete telemetry, polling, and auto-polling system based upon a map view of stations. Working stations appear in Green, Stations with possible problems appear in Yellow, and failed stations in red. The following additional features and functions have been added:
    • Multiple database changes to include map location, polling commands, symbol status and other telemetry information and settings.
    • Added two new databases: PollLog and DataIntg. These track polling/calls and all data integrity issues.
    • Added complete Map View utility. This function allows you to select any graphics file to display as a map where you can then add sites to the map and lock them in place. Zoom in/out, adjusting eh graphic properties of the map, scrolling, selecting sites status, and many other functions available during map view.
    • Any selected site on the map displays the current site data and call status. You can click a View Calls button to see the call history for the site, click the View Data button to jump to the database view of the data for the site, or the View Integrity to see any and all data integrity violations.
    • A ‘Trouble Site’ list shows all the sites that did not poll correctly. This allows you to quickly isolate any problem sites and see what to do about them.
    • Complete telemetry information editor is available for any site. You can select phone number, modem to use, polling commands, and many other options for each site.
    • For users with large numbers of sites, a ‘Zone Select’ option allows you to quickly isolate up to 9 different polling zones. All commands and configurations can be done on a zone-by-zone basis.
    • A Modem Setup window allows you to configure up to 10 modem configurations (this can be different modems or different setups for a single modem). In addition, an Auto Configure button will automatically scan your computer and setup the modems for you.
    • The Polling Commands, Polling Calendar, and Polling Times windows allow you to easily configure the polling and auto-polling system.

This version also contains the following minor bug fixes and feature changes:

  • Eliminated the use of the registry to store system values. Everything now held in files in the installation directory.
  • Multiple changes to the registration system, including an Unlicense command to move the software from one machine to another. Also now allow a onetime extension of the trial period.
  • Changed the Export Time to use a 24 hour clock and fixed a minor bug with the export start/end ties.
  • Removed spaces from beginning and end of Site ID’s before importing and parsed out ‘ characters on file names.
  • Automatically renamed files when Site ID is CON or PRN.
  • Use the registry to determine available COM ports (instead of IsPort Available).
  • Added Bluetooth Port to the setup menu. When this is set to something other than None, a Bluetooth button is added to the scanning screen.
  • Added support for the MDK High Speed Download.
  • Added a “Don’t break on end of month” option to the Basic Volume Report ( >= 1 hour).
  • Fixed problem with not reading in lane setup when connected to a UPP5 with WIM enabled.
  • Fixed bug on Parking Lot System not updating correctly when counter # and lot # don’t match.

Build #0002 01/13/06

This version contains the following minor bug fixes and feature changes:

  • Fixed problem with Site Setup editor, Adjust Spacings, and Data Factor Screen not using the CenturionGold alias.
  • Added new database record “Call Counter Type” to be as follows: 1-Diamond, 2-Peek 241, 3-Peek ADR.
  • Changed so importing new data does not use a case-sensitive Site ID.
  • Made the map view automatically switch to the Zone of the new site when adding to the map.
  • Fixed a variety of bugs with the Map Add New Site function.
  • Changed View All Calls to sort by Date and then by Site ID. A check box in the lower right controls this.
  • Added a warning to detect Raw, Binned, and WIM lanes in Sensor Conflict during Start Collecting.
  • Completed all of the Polling Functions (Poll Now, Normal, Autopolling, Poll All Now, Poll Trouble now). This function is also aware of the current Zone selection and operates appropriately.
  • Added ability to import data at a variety of times during polling process (immediately, at end of call, at end of all calls).
  • Completed support for SoIP system. You can now specify any IP address or DNS name & Port and Centurion will allow normal connection or polling to this just like with a regular counter connection.
  • Added button on the Axle Class table to switch back and forth between Feet and CM.
  • Database now has a Merge function to merge data from one site into another (usually from having an incorrect Site IT).
  • Added new volume report: Weekly 24 Hour Volume.
  • Added a Call with Telemetry function to call a site and display a terminal window.

Build #0003 03/30/06

This version contains the following minor bug fixes and feature changes:

  • Changed rules on new imports to allow as few as 3 bin table definitions on a 0x02 record (was 5).
  • Added a Upload New Firmware command to the TT-2/4/6/8-BT link. This is accessed by pressing CTRL+ALT+F.
  • If no COM ports are found during registry search, do normal search on COM1-COM4.
  • Correctly links to UAA V1.45 (reads and sets tailgating setting).
  • Added a check and removal of the CALLLOG RefIntegrity if it finds the old CALLLOG.db files in the database.

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