Centurion Version History 1.41

#0001 06/25/15

Added built in support for Timestamp data processing of Omega X3 data.  All functions previously in external TSDP executable are now a part of Centurion (for Omega X3 to start, other counters will be added down the line).

  • First release for HLE with TSDP built in for Omega X3 files.
  • Changed all “fopen” to “_fsopen”.

Build #0002 07/19/15

  • Added support for Bluetooth and USB firmware version in Omega X3.
  • Changed the TT-2/4/6/8-BT file processing so the original binary file is left in a root Centurion directory named “TT2468BT.ORG”.

Build #0003 07/23/15

  • Fixed some issues with OX3/RR3 Timestamp processor as follows:
    • Fixed setting hour on SnMis wrong.
    • Added a SnMis Clear function to require 0.5sec of clear sensor time before doing a new vehicle.  Also requires this time after a 16 axle count sequence.
    • Fixed issue with setting start time of vehicle (sometimes would use second hit of first sensor as time of vehicle).
    • Issue with multiple vehicles right at the end of a day crisscrossing the date line.

Build #0005 10/08/15

  • Omega X3 changes:
    • Added support for OX3 style GPS coordinates.
    • Fixed bug in setting Bluetooth power options for OX3.
    • Added support for seconds value in Bluetooth timestamp record.
    • Fixed bug in setting temp offset.
    • Added new Timestamp record formats:
      • Advanced Timestamp Format (with two extra bytes per record).
      • New GPS Location (0xFF 0x02), BT Address (0xF4), & A/D Input (0xF5).
      • Added new options for V0x70 OX3 (saving GPS in file, Flash file write options, etc).
      • Added “Clear Window” and “Send String …” to the Terminal Window.
      • Added “4K, 8K, 16K, 32K, & 64K for download block sizes in a new preferences question for Omega X3 Downloading.
      • Added “Type of BT Address” and “RSSI” value to the Timestamp Bluetooth Address value.
      • Added 1MHz, 2MHz, and 4MHz to baud rate selection on terminal window.

Build #0006 10/22/15

  • Rebuilt with new LiteDAC V2.6.19 to try and fix the problem with installation on some Windows machines.
  • Also moved the “LCMSystem_DatabaseSetup” form to not auto-create on startup.  This form will be created automatically by “LCMSystem instead.

Build #0007 10/26/15

  • Added check for ERR#12 message from RR3’s (indicating no data in file).
  • Added RR3 check for current Date/Time matching the Release Date/Time which indicates a unit that has just be RESET.  When this is detected, system displays a warning message (which can be disabled).

Build #0008 11/10/15

  • Added support for the AUSTROADS style of vehicle classification for data imports (Does not work inside of the counters).  Editor for this format is the standard text editor.  It is auto-selected whenever a file with the extension of “.VCLS” is specified in the Site (or general) setup.
  • Fixed a bug in the report generator (and Data Wizard) when switching from reports with single line versus dual line axle class headers causing the values to be overwritten.

Build #0009 11/18/15

  • Modified the CalTrans TMG Export Format according to latest changes.  This adds to the Setup -> General -> Export[TAB] a new option ‘CalTrans TMG Format Mode’ a combo box with a new item “New (2015)”.
  • Added a checkbox to support the “TMG September, 2013 Format” as a base format for TMG outputs.  This adds the following:
    All Year is now four digit.
    Card C Adds new 'Classification Data Time Interval' character.
    Adds new 'Restrictions' character (aka Footnotes) after total.
    Also allows 5 and 15 minute intervals (in addition to 60 minute).
    Card D Addes New 'Speed Data Time Interval character.
    Adds new 'Definition of First Speed Bin' character.
    Card L Adds new 'Length Data Time Interval' character.

Note that the Ohio TMG formats are also adjusted by setting any of the new options (which they may or may not want at this time).

  • Added new option “Allow length in Card C” preferences option to enable auto using of Length bins in the Card C output if there are now axle class bins.

Build #0010 12/03/15

  • Added multiple new warning messages during importing that pop up during the import process (including not finding 0x01 modules and other errors).
  • Added support for file explorer drag & drop into Centurion:
    • Dropping a file(s) onto the DBView window will import the data into the database.
    • Dropping a file(s) onto any other part of the program will cause the file to be opened (text view).
    • TSProcess changes:
      • Now allows importing of data after processing (in all but Field).
      • Will also just run on file at a time.
      • Added preferences setting to specify using TSProcess (instead of TSDP) for processing RR3 data imports.
      • New command line switch “INCLUDETIMEOUTS” will include the timeout discarded values in the total timestamps count (by default it now excludes these values).

Build #0011 12/08/12

  • Fixed “script error” on the Google Maps GPS Editor window.
  • Added check for RR3 issue with daylight savings fall-back and getting stuck in a continuous loop on 11/01/15.
  • Modified the export function to always use “59.99 as the seconds on the end time calculation.
  • Added GEOCOUNTS export format.

Build #0012 12/20/15

  • Added “Un_Weather” as a field in the GEOCOUNTS Export Format.
  • Added Tailgating Detect to the TSProcess function.
  • Fixed bug in TSProcess which does not move the start time of data when “Only use” is modified but Adjust Start time to is not.

Build #0013 12/30/15

  • Updated the TGMMAP (Google Maps Library: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gmlibrary ) to the latest version which fixed issues with scrolling and moving location.
  • Changed the wait time on file directory retrieves to auto-extend the time with each new character received.

Build #0014 01/03/16

  • Changed the “FactoryFunction” to CTRL+ALT+A to keep it from interfering with CTRL+ALT+F for Firmware Update.
  • Added ability of UPP V4.92 with Piezo Firmware V1.50 (for hardware V4.00 & V4.01 and V2.50 (for hardware V4.10) to do signal capture display during “Test Sensors”.

Build #0015 01/08/16

  • Added “SL” output record to Geocount format (SiteID and Lane Info lines).
  • Fixed tab order on UPP Battery screen.
  • Fixed problem not allowing you to re-click on the report Preview and then to be able to scroll up/down with the mouse.
  • Added the MMC/SD card size to the UPP Counter Setup Report.
  • Changed the “Yearly Site Summary” to auto-sync to the first or last year of data if the selected year is outside the data range for a site.
  • Fixed a Divide by Zero error on “Yearly Site Summary” with any report that has no count in it.

Build #0016 01/19/16

  • Fixed spelling on Communication setup.
  • Changed to not allow changing “Do High Speed Downloading” to affect the current download.
  • Also modified the Live Counter Monitor function to set the DoingRemote value to prevent high speed downloading during a link.
  • Updated the registration file.
  • Added a “Delay between Links” value to the Parking Lot monitor. Turning this on greatly slows down the scanning process. Note that when the system is delaying, a little clock icon appears on the top of the monitor window.
  • Added new “In Count/Out Count” as a pop-up to the parking lot monitor system.  Also has a “Reset” function.  These are accessed by right clicking the Lot Capacity, Spaces Used, or Free spaces values.

Build #0017 01/26/16

  • Added ability of Uni-Lim, Apollo, and CSprite imports to have their lanes auto-renumbered from 1/3 -2/4 to 1/2 – 3/4  when directional is found and when “Auto renumber directional” is enabled in Preferences->Import.
  • Added new dialog box which asks “Directional?” and choose between North/South or East/West when importing a new site.  If Choose North/South, Info Line 2 is auto-loaded with “20xxxxxx”, East/West loaded with “13xxxxxx”.
    This option is enabled in Preferences->Import Options.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Data File Wizard to not always appear with first opening a new report (especially from Volume data side).  This also showed up as the Start Date being “2222”.
  • Cleaned up some possible cases where Divide By Zero could occur on PerVehicleFlowReport and PerVehicleSummaryReport

Build #0018 02/09/16

  • Fixed auto display of map view when system first starts (was not seeing a manually closed map view).
  • Added ability to use TSProcess with Omega data files.  Note that the Omega does not record the system setup (other than Volume vs PerVehicle), so the default values displayed are not always going to be correct.
  • Added Preferences option to use TSProcess to handle Omega data files during a standard import.
  • Fixed a bug that caused invalid time/date error to appear when exporting to the “New ASCII Format” and the date format set to “DD-MM-YY”.
  • Lined up the tables in Bin Table Editor.
  • Change the bin table version numbers to be editable.
  • Fixed not importing TSDP processed files that are Titan II as “Titan II”.
  • Fixed width of lane numbers on Data File Wizard Classification report so that lanes > 9 are displayed correctly.
  • Added a “Swap A/B” and “Swap C/D” check box to the TSProcess function to handle if the sensors have been reversed.
  • Major changes to Omega X3 to support new Bicycle and Axle Detection functionality of V1.10 firmware:
    • New Collection Opt…” button on Settings screen during link with three separate option boxes:
      • Axle Collection Options.
      • Axle Detection Options.
      • Bicycle Detection Options.
      • Added ability to set the Font Name, Size, Color, and Background color on the DCD entries screen.
      • Changed TMG 3/4/C export to use new File Naming convention of the 2013 format if “Individual Files” is checked on the Export window.
      • Changed the TMG 3 format to include partial days (before and after) if using the 2013 format.
      • Deleted left over Doing Length in Class C function which accidentally was set to use Length bins instead of Class bins for TMG Card 4/C export.

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