Centurion Version History 1.47

Major change to support Omega Passive IR - SA (Stand Alone) device.  You can connect to, program, monitor, and control these counters as well as processing data posted to the Diamond Data Server ("V2I" formatted data).

Build #0001 10/31/2018

  • Interval Data Monitor and Parking Lot System now support "V2I" data.
  • Importing data correctly imports the Site ID and other values that are stored in the "V2IS" records.
  • Implemented update v0.65 Omega Passive IR detection code that fixes a variety of bugs with the Horizontal and fully supports Vertical definition fields.
  • Added the "Restore Factory Defaults" button on the Omega Passive IR.
  • Added setting the Serial # value for Omega Passive IR.
  • Added displaying Time until next poll to the DDS Interval Data Monitor.
  • Added total count display to the Passive IR Replay screen (both in normal view and when doing modified/override view).
  • Changed the Parking Lot Monitor to also display when the next poll will occur.
  • Added a FTPClient->Noop call every 30 seconds when nothing else is going on to make sure the FTP link stays active.
  • TSProcess changes:
    • Added to the Advanced settings a new Min and Max Vehicle Speed
    • When a vehicle violates the new speed, it is now converted to a SnMis#0.
    • Added programmable SnMis and Lane Mode timeout values in the advanced settings screen.

Build #0002 04/10/2018

  • Fixed bug in not doing Card C export with Length bins when ALL the lanes are length bins.
  • Added Multiple Simultaneous Polling ability (up to 20 sites at the same time).

Build #0003 04/10/2018

  • Split the DDS menu into two: DDS-Files, DDS-Interval
    DDS-Files handles all the main counter uploads such as from the Phoenix II and Omega X3. DDS-Interval processes interval data as posted by counters like the Omega Passive IR-SA.
  • Added several new functions to get data off of the DDS automatically when posted by Interval counters (like the Omega Passive IR-Stand Alone). Also, automatically imports the data it brings in (Except Centurion Field) and gives a separate menu item to import interval data.
  • Added support for the "V2IS,2" Modem Configuration value (to record the current modem signal strength and MEID number).
  • Now allows different Site ID's inside a single Interval Data File.

Build #0004 04/10/2018

  • Fixed accidentally turning off the camera when making a SSET change.
  • Added the Serial Port options for the Omega Passive IR.
  • Added "Make New Default" buttons at the end of Min/Max Axle spacing on TSProcess.
  • Added type of counter to Get New Data screen.
  • Fixed a few bugs in the import of Interval Data.
  • Added ability to set the modem firmware version, interval, and output file name of any device connected to Get New Data.
  • Added ability to set second "Post to DDS" time on UPP V5.28 or later firmware (post is automatically 12 hours from first).
  • Complete update to the DDS Files function to support the new DDS V2 File structure.
    This includes handling multiple users and dealing with imported vs non-imported data.
  • Added new "Not Imported" tab on the DDS Files view to show files that have not been put into the database (local to each computer).
  • fixed showing the end times on the process report when full day of data is reported.

Build #0006 04/10/2018

  • Added default to not use the independent volume data when found and importing Class or PerVehicle data. By default, this is "On", go into File -> Preferences -> Import and uncheck the box "Ignore Independent Vol Data" to reenable.
  • Added ability to set the "Using Verizon SIM" bit on the Phoenix II Modem Configuration page (with V5.30).
  • Added "Move RAM Files to MMC" option with V5.30 Phoenix II firmware. This option is only available when RAM files exist and when a MMC module is present.
  • Major new feature to "Save Configuration" and "Load Configuration". This allows saving and loading counter configuration, only supports v4.00 and higher counters.
  • Added a % to the display of writing Axle Bin Table to Counter.
  • Omega Passive IR:
    • Added support for "BAT" command/enquire to set and configure battery charger parameters.
    • Added support for "MEM" command/enquire along with all the related functions for the SD Card \DATA, \DATA\RET, and \DATA\DDS file directories. This includes erase, retrieve, and viewing files.
    • Added support for "WiFi" command/enquire to configure the wireless link system on the Omega Passive IR.

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