False Leap Year reported

Counters NOT affected will include firmware versions (3.35 and newer) and (4.06 and newer).

As with the issue reported HERE counters that do NOT have the above firmware versions, may incorrectly determine a false leap year and display 2 files containing the same name indicating March 1st.  The first file actually has the date of Feb 29th and the second file is dated March 1st.  Please follow the steps outlined in the article: False Leap Year error in Phoenxi, Unicorn, Pegasus, should you still experience incorrect and or missing dates, please continue to follow the following steps.

Due to a binary to decimal conversion error within the Clock chip, a false leap year is reported to the counter.  Due to this error, the counter will need to have data collection stopped and the counter's date and time set followed by restarting the data collection.  Depending on the interval that has been selected, typically 15min or 1hour, it is recommended that prior to the next full interval that the following steps be taken.  We are recommending that these steps be finished and data collection has been triggered to begin at the next full interval so that potential data loss will be at a minimum and reported totals will appear to have a full day of collection.  Please note that when the counter is stopped, the current interval will be slightly smaller than normal.

It will be necessary to temporarily disable centurion's auto import on download, to do so Goto File -> Preferences -> General -> Counter [TAB] and uncheck the top two (2) options "Import Data files downloaded during ..." and click Ok.

Connect to an affected site 5-10 min prior to the next full interval, if you are currently working with 1-hour intervals, we recommend connecting to the first site 10 min prior to the top of the hour.  This should give you the necessary time to complete the following steps and to restart data collection prior to the top of the hour.

Once connected to the site, verify that this counter has 2 files dated March 1st in the retrieve/delete files section.  If there are 2 March 1st files, click the 'Stop Collecting' button and answer the verification question.  This should then stop data collection & change the 'stop collecting' button to 'Start Collecting Data', click the 'Show Status' button followed by the 'Set' button, located near the bottom center of the 'Show Status' window.  This should display a new window with the computers time and date displayed.  If correct, click set again. You should be returned back to the Show Status Screen.  Click on the 'Start Collecting Data' button followed by the 'Start Collecting' line and click the Start button on the right side of the screen.

This will allow you to skip verifying each step in programming of the counter.

Once data collection has been set to start, (actual data recording will begin at the top of the next full interval) we will need to collect some of the files from the counter.  Specifically the files dated March 1st to the end of the list.  This may be several days’ worth.  The last file should indicate that it was ended at the time we stopped the counter, we will be downloading these files.  It may be necessary to skip the last file should the line be italicized.  The Italicized line indicates that centurion is actively recording data into that file and it is considered open, by default centurion will NOT retrieve open files.

Should we have completed the these steps prior to the full hour, it is recommended to remain connected to the counter to verify that the counter does indeed start data collection.  This can be done via the retrieve/delete files screen or via the Show status screen.  If done by the retrieve/delete files screen, a new file will be added to the list and the entire bottom line should be italicized.  If done by the show status screen, the status box should indicate that it is actively recording data and indicate a file number.

After verification, disconnect from the counter.  Depending on the speed in which these steps are completed, it may be possible to process several sites prior to the top of the hour.  To help speed up the process, the step in retrieving files can be accomplished later during the day.  Should this option be taken, please do not download the files dated after the date change.

Once all of the counters that have been affected have been processed, please attach them to an email to Support@diamondtraffic.com either as a group of files or as a single compressed file.  Note the Subject line with regards to 'False Leap Year files to process'.  We will process these files by advancing the date within the file by 1 day, returning to you via replay email the modified files containing a new extension '.new.bin'.

While waiting to receive your files back, please take the time to go through the affected sites in centurion's database, removing each dataset.

To remove a dataset, select an affected site and then click the 'Site Setup' button followed by the 'Imports' tab.  This screen displays all of the imported datasets for this site.  Select a row by moving the black triangle to a dataset/row and clicking the '-' button.  A verification window will appear to make sure that this is what you want to do.  Repeat this process for all datasets that are affected by this false leap year.  This step is necessary to allow the modified files to be correctly imported into the Centurion Database.

Continue processing each of the affected site(s), you can refer to the downloaded files for a list of site id's if needed.

After you have finished removing the affected datasets, we can re-enable centurion's auto import feature during telemetry.  Goto File -> Preferences -> General -> Counter [TAB] and recheck the top two (2) options "Import Data files downloaded during ..." Also check the Import [TAB] to verify that we have the options 'Display the "Data Overlays" option window when overlays found' & 'Always ask about overlay data (don't assume matching Site ID' are checked.  Click OK.

When you have received your files back. Please place them in a known location as we will need to navigate to this location and select them all for manual importing.  For easability, it is recommended to place them in the current download folder.  Should you have the original files still in this folder, please either move them to a different/new folder or delete them as we don't want to remove them from the database again.  A copy of these files will also be in your sent folder for future reference.

Using Centurion's Manual import option (the Yellow folder with a spyglass) navigate to the saved location if necessary and select all of the files with the '.new.bin' extension and click Open.  This will queue the files into centurion's import function.  When the files have finished importing, please verify those affected sites making sure that you have data from March 1st through to the date and time that we changed the clock.

Depending on the time that has lapsed, you may also have data after the date and time was changed.

Please note that we are able to batch process your files in a very quick manner and turnaround time is rather short.  This is subject to Technician availability and work load.  Should you not receive a reply please contact us for an updated ETA, support@diamondtraffic.com or 541-782-3903

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