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  1. Centurion Version History 1.48Centurion Version History 1.48 [Article]
    Major update to the Timestamp Processor (TSProcess) to improve the processing of data from RoadRunner 3, Omega X3, Omega G, and Omega Passive IR counters. Includes these new options to the Advanced S...
  2. Centurion Version History 1.47Centurion Version History 1.47 [Article]
    Major change to support Omega Passive IR - SA (Stand Alone) device. You can connect to, program, monitor, and control these counters as well as processing data posted to the Diamond Data Server (
  3. Centurion Version History 1.46Centurion Version History 1.46 [Article]
    Major change to support multiple remote counter connections at the same time. You can now do multi-counter link with the "Direct Call Directory" or through the map/polling screen link.
  4. Database repair and recovery optionsDatabase repair and recovery options [Article]
    You will first need to identify the current active database folder: File -> Preferences -> Directories ->
  5. Real Time Clock Adjust During Collection (UPP Series)Real Time Clock Adjust During Collection (UPP Series) [Article]
    Command available in UPP 4.16 and 4.56 and higher Firmware. When subtracting minutes from the clock – This function causes the counter
  6. Master/Slave operation with CenturionMaster/Slave operation with Centurion [Article]
    The master/slave feature allows two units to be connected to one modem in the field. The modem cable used is split and connected to both units. One unit is set to the M
  7. Metric/US(Imperial) Conversion errors in Bin tablesMetric/US(Imperial) Conversion errors in Bin tables [Article]
    Prior to 2004 (before Centurion version 1.30) there is a known issue of Metric to US conversion errors. All classification units prior to 1999 could be set to either US or metric
  8. How to Manually Copy .BIN Data files into CenturionHow to Manually Copy .BIN Data files into Centurion [Article]
    At times it may be necessary to manually copy *.bin files into Centurion Gold, Parks, or CC software. The following steps may be taken to place your *.BIN data files in the proper
  9. Omega - Set Up & Data RetrievalOmega - Set Up & Data Retrieval [Article]
  10. Can I call my sites remotely with Centurion?Can I call my sites remotely with Centurion? [Article]
    Centurion Parks and Centurion CC do not support calling via modem or connecting by IP(SOIP) to data collection sites. Centurion Field and Centurion Gold both have telemetry to dial up sites with modem...
  11. Naming conventions and Station IDís used in Centurions Database.Naming conventions and Station IDís used in Centurions Database. [Article]
    It is important to note that the Station ID referenced in Centurion’s Database is the Same Site ID that is referenced in our counters and classifiers. Each Location that y
  12. Easy File Renaming UtilityEasy File Renaming Utility [Article]
    Some customers want or need to have specific file naming for batch exports and imports or just labeling data files in general. The following utility may help with that process. It is not
  13. False Leap Year error in Phoenix, Unicorn, PegasusFalse Leap Year error in Phoenix, Unicorn, Pegasus [Article]
  14. Compatible USB to Serial Cables (Devices)Compatible USB to Serial Cables (Devices) [Article]
    The results below are for Windows XP SP2 Operating System
  15. POLLLOG.DB Error Message Centurion-GoldPOLLLOG.DB Error Message Centurion-Gold [Article]
    Corrupt file - other than header. Table: C:\PROGRAM~1\Diamond\CENTUR~1\DB\POLLLOG.DB ISSUE:
  16. How to Unlicensed Centurion Software  - Unlicensed CodeHow to Unlicensed Centurion Software - Unlicensed Code [Article]
    How to Unlicense Centurion Software - Getting a Centurion Unlicense Code ISSUE:
  17. Must Enter A Valid License Code - Error Message CenturionMust Enter A Valid License Code - Error Message Centurion [Article]
    ISSUE: You've downloaded and installed the latest version of Centurion software and it has been thirty (30) or more days from the date of the initial ins
  18. Unable to Write - Error Message Centurion CCUnable to Write - Error Message Centurion CC [Article]
    Unable to write to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Diamond\Centurion CC\CCSET.INI ISSUE: You've installed and licensed the latest ve
  19. Trail Counter Field Manual  TTC-4420Trail Counter Field Manual TTC-4420 [Article]
    OVERVIEW The TTC-4420 Trail Traffic Counter is a portable, battery powered instrument for counting traffic on forest trails. The original TCS-90 design was co
  20. How To Update Your TT-6w or TT-8w's FirmwareHow To Update Your TT-6w or TT-8w's Firmware [Article]
    It is always a good idea to update the Firmware on the TT-6 or TT-8 Wireless (TT-6w / TT-8w) before you put them back out for there next service. In fact I would update the firmware p
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