Readme File for Centurion Software

Readme File For Centurion (Gold, CC, Parks, & Field)


1. Introduction

Thank you for trying Centurion Software from Diamond Traffic Products. Please report all bugs or other problems via email to:

            Diamond Traffic Products Customers:

Note: This Readme file can also be accessed from your start menu after the program has been installed.


2. Installation

Prior to installation, users of Windows 2000/XP must be logged on as an Administrative Users to the local machine (workstation) with full access to the computer before installing, or running updates.

In addition, the program should be run the first time and register while logged in as an Administrative user. After the first time the program is run and then closed this is no longer required. Centurion can be run by any user logged onto the computer (all settings are shared).

3. Registration

The first time the software is run you will be asked to register it via the internet or manually by later sending in the registration file. You must register to use the software to use it.

After registration, the software will be functional for up to 30 days during which time you must obtain a License code from your supplier. This code is typed into the licensing window that appears after 30 days, or anytime by selecting License Centurion from the Help menu.


4. Database Location

For Centurion-Gold, Centurion-CC and Centurion-Parks (by default), all data is stored in the database subdirectory you specify during install (the recommended default is C:\Program Files\Diamond\Centurion [Gold, CC, or Parks] \DB). Centurion-Field does not support any database functions.

To change the default directory location after install, follow these steps:

  • Click on the "Preferences" option from the "File Menu".
  • Select "Directories..."
  • Select the "Database" tab.
  • Change the "Main Database" directory to a new location (such as C:\MyData).
  • If you click on any other directory after changing the main one, the software asks to update the others, click Yes.
  • Click Ok.

You can also select a network drive/location to allow sharing of database data with multiple users. Make sure that any directory you select is accessible to all the users of the program.


5. Traffic Counter and Device Compatibility

This software has been designed to connect to and download data from the following types of traffic counters and traffic data storage devices:

  • TT-2001 & TCC-500 (version 3.00 and later)
  • Unicorn, Phoenix, Pegasus, & TCC-540 (all versions) Can also download TAM stored data files.
  • TT-501 & TC-501 (version 2.00 and later)
  • Datahog (all versions)
  • Unicorn-Limited, Apollo, Argos (all versions)
  • Sprite (all versions)
  • TT-6/8-BT (bluetooth, all versions)
  • Omega Traffic Counter (all versions)
  • Titan II Turning Movement Counter (all versions)

In addition, you can setup, monitor, and otherwise completely program the following types of traffic counters:

  • Unicorn, Phoenix, Pegasus, & TCC-540 (version 2.39, 2.44, 2.45, 2.80 and higher) 
  • Unicorn-Limited & Apollo (version 1.20 and higher)
  • Sprite (all versions).
  • TT-2/4/6/8-BT (Bluetooth, all versions).
  • Omega Traffic Counter (all versions)
  • Titan II Turning Movement Counter (all versions)

Both Bluetooth and USB based counters require additional steps to set them up to work with your computer. Please refer to your product's Quick Start Guide for more information. 

6. Version Information

The Quick Start guide (which is installed with the program) describes the basic operation of the software, what the version differences are, and where to get more help. Please refer to the QuickStartGuide.pdf file for complete information.


7. Updates

Check back to the Diamond Edge Technology website to download patches and/or the latest version of the software ( In addition, there is an automatic update feature available on the Help menu of the program select "Check For Software Updates ..."

The automatic update feature will help you stay current by downloading the latest updates for your installation of Centurion software. You may need to have Administrative user rights to your workstation in order to use this function, so users with a Windows XP Limited account should check with their information technology (IT) team before attempting to update your software in this manner.


8. Help

Centurion has a complete on-line help system. Press F1 anytime during program operation to access the context-sensitive help. In addition, the Quick Start Guide will be installed automatically to provide additional information.

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