How To Convert Your .DAT File into a .BIN File

To convert existing .DAT files into .BIN files please follow the these steps:

  1. Open TrafMan Software and select 'Database'
  2. Select the appropriate Database where the original file is located
  3. Highlight the File you wish to export, and press the 'X' key on your keyboard
  4. Select  'Binary Format (new style)' and press Enter
  5. Take note of the Directory and File Name (typically C:\Trafman\Download.. .BIN)
  6. Press the Enter key again
  7. Either 'Overwrite' or 'Append To File' if the File already exists in the Download Folder
  8. Press 'Page Down' key on your keyboard to accept the lanes, start and stop dates, and times if they are correct (otherwise modify the data correctly here first, before pressing the 'Page Down' key)
  9. In .BIN format your data is ready to be imported into other versions of Centurion Software

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21st of October, 2011

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