Centurion Version History 1.30

Build #0001 09/28/06

New release using Borland Developer Studio 2006. This required multiple changes to a variety of program areas to make it compatible with the new development studio. The result is a faster running program with less problems and quicker development time.

Other major changes include:

  • A ‘Check For Updates…’ function has been added to the help menu to automate updating your Centurion from the web. This feature will make distribution of program updates much faster and easier for the customer.
  • New volume data report: Directional 24 Hour Volume.
  • Added Apollo Setup Wizard to allow programming and configuration of Apollo counters directly from Centurion
  • Support for Windows XP Limited accounts now automatically configured during installation.

In addition, the following minor changes and bug fixes have been made:

  • Added ability to create New ASCII version of WIM data (when opening a binary file).
  • Fixed problem not resetting binary file read on the text file viewer.
  • Limited opening of created export files to a max of 20 at a time. Also fixed problem with invalid characters in Site ID causing export to fail.
  • Fixed several problems with all four Classification reports when going to/from Separate/Together and when printing a single lane only.
  • Turned off AutoRepaint on all TQRCharts to fix problem with stack overflow using new TeeChartPro 7.07
  • Made sure headers use transparent mode to eliminate blanks on some reports.
  • Fixed problem with invalid characters in Site ID causing Save Ass… on a report to not work.
  • Fixed problem not starting from the correct report last type page when downloading Volume data (for example) after displaying binned data with the New Reports button.
  • Added new User Image to bottom of all reports. This image can be a company logo or any other graphic you wish to appear at the bottom of a report (similar to the Organization name).
  • For V2.80 and higher counters fixed problem not being able to download data in some cases. Also sped up linking and monitoring, fixed display size of MMC files, and fixed problem not properly parsing MMC files after download.
  • Changed to hide modem related settings when linked to a Pegasus counter.
  • Removed Verify Shutoff option when connected to MDK.
  • Added support for V2.96 UPP4 TG Detect and ability to set these values from the Hidden Counter options screen.
  • Fixed problem with error after downloading from a TT-6/8-BT when the start time doesn’t match the interval.
  • Removed the Delete files options (single files) when connected to a UAA with Flash.
  • Added support for UPP5 V2.97 collect independent volume function.
  • Made some improvements to reading the bin table info to prevent access violations caused by bad table reads.
  • Fixed system crash when trying to print a blank axle bin table (infinite loop). Also changed the bin table editor window to support being maximized.
  • Added user settable color selections for the Text and background of the Database site list window (both normal and expand), the Telemetry Call List window, and Telemetry Data Integrity Window. This is found in the File – Preferences menu option.
  • Modified the database directory change function to be smarter about the sub-directories for data. Uses existing sub-dir (same sub as before) if it exists, otherwise uses preferred (Vehicle\Class\Volume) or alternate (Raw\Binned\Count) if the exist.
  • Changed the format of the main menu and toolbars to a newer scheme.
  • Eliminated most system registry access (only COM port and Excel is now checked). This is to make the program more compatible with various security schemes.
  • Fixed multiple issues giving “access violations” when open/closing the program and certain windows.
  • Added new splash screens and program icons for Gold, Field, & Parks.
  • Changed registration function to use simple direct email to Diamond instead of FTP.
  • The Telemetry View Calls and View Data Integrity now support being maximized.
  • Added an individual zone enabled/disable for normal Telemetry auto-polling (on the Polling Time setup screen).
  • Changed the “Next Poll Starts At” box on the Telemetry screen to appear after a normal poll (to the right of success).

Build #0002 10/05/06

This version contains the following feature changes:

  • Added specifying a COM p-ort to check for NMEA GPS data. If found, software will feed this automatically into the Info Line 1 & 2 values during counter setup. See Section 4.c for more information.
  • Added a “Binary File Security” option. When enabled, software adds a security code to binary files immediately after downloading to prevent unauthorized modification of the original data file. Note that the Site ID is not included in code.
  • Added ability to “Edit Original Site ID” from the text file editor. This is accessed by opening a binary download file (which displays the text equivalent), right clicking anywhere on the text, and selecting “Edit Original Site ID”. This allows users to modify binary file Site ID’s without first importing into the database.
  • Changed the text editor to always preserve the original binary file (never overwrites it). Also added some warning windows related to this.
  • Added option to automatically convert user entered spacings of 0.4” into 10cm (4 inches) for the city tube. This option defaults to enabled. Also added to the Apollo setup wizard a City Tube check box to see the sensor spacing to 10cm whenever this box is checked.

Build #0003

This version contains the following bug fixes and feature changes:

  • Fixed problem allowing setting of TG & Independent volume on counter versions less than 2.96 or 2.97.
  • Fixed problem with setting Lanes and causing an access violation in Start Collecting.
  • Fix problem panels being transparent on status window (2.45 and lower link).
  • Changed to 24 hour clock on all counter screens.
  • Added support for bringing in data collected with Loop Class enabled (loop class data not stored, but vehicle record correctly extracted).
  • Added Import Using Lane Shift to the import function.
  • Changed the way the software identifies overlay import files to be more accurate.
  • Changed to allow Bin Imports from TrafMan data even if existing Count Import is present.
  • Added ability to set a “Forced” interval on the PRN Export utility (to convert 15 to 1 hour for example).
  • Added a by-direction summary to the Weekly 24 Hour volume Report (uses Weekday Average values).
  • Fixed problem not supporting MouseWheel on Report View.
  • Fixed problem with Basic Class report when printing 30 bins with Fixed Interval (bin 30 was showing -1).
  • Fixed problem with lane select box not appearing when button clicked on Report Generator. Also fixed various options on the lane select function to show number of lanes and to enable the rebuild button correctly.
  • Added new Merge Function on main database view to combine two or more sites into one.
  • Added a CheckDB function to check the database for problems. Currently supports fixing the “…Imports” field in the database to show the correct number of imports of each type.
  • Added a Direct Dial Site window to both Field and Gold versions of the software. This function (on the Telemetry menu) allows you to key in a phone number or SoIP address of any site and quickly like to it.

Build #0004

  • Fixed Golden River (Washington) Export Format to break non-continuous hours in file.
  • Fixed problem stopping at 99% in some cases with the Data Overlay window.
  • Added a generic Lane Renumber feature to Site Setup Edit.
  • Fixed problem timing out on file directory retrieves with slow sites and/or lots of files.

Build #0005

  • Fixed problem with map directory window not appearing correctly.
  • Changed setting Database sub-directories to work from clicking a button (instead of automatic).
  • Fixed some issues processing Loop Class data.
  • Changed the scanning window to automatically pick up new COM ports when none were detected before.
  • Fixed problem with window size being wrong on Counter Link main status window.
  • Fixed problem writing to COM port instead of IP port when counter link window closed.
  • Changed delay times on counter link to be automatically extended when characters come in from counter.
  • WADOT Trips format puts a “91” instead of “90” when exporting based on length class.
  • Added a “Download File Naming” option to the Telemetry-Setup screen. This allows setting download names to the Montana format (only applies to sites set to a polling file name of “?STAN”).
  • Changed map function to add map to place clicked instead of top left.
  • Improved the Check & Repair function to check existence of each import and to update the main listing Start & End times. Function now removes imports that don’t exist in the underlying data.
  • Added option to setup to not start a report preview when report window first opened.

Build #0006

  • Changed when exporting more than one site and an error occurs, the export continues on after the error is displayed.
  • Fixed problem with splitting apart hours with the WADOT Trips Export. Also fixed some other issues with this export.

Build #0007 03/26/07

  • Checked for import files with an ending or starting date of 2/29 making sure they are in a leap year.
  • Fixed a bug causing two different sites to link to the same DB File (can occur if system does not close properly).
  • Fixed a problem with importing vehicle record with speed of zero (caused crash in gap calculation).
  • Added a TG Detect option to the Apollo link.
  • Changed to display metric spacings on lane setup when linked to Apollo and set to Metric Mode. Also automatically reprograms counter to Metric or U.S. if it differs from the Centurion global setting.
  • TT-2/4/6/8-BT display now says “Standby” instead of “Armed” when linked to V1.03 or later.
  • Added two new options to the Peek PRN export: “Add EOF Characters” to add a string of EOF characters to end of exports, and “Allow Multi-Day Files” to not automatically break up PRN files into individual days. These options are on the Export setup screen (along with PRN Force Interval) instead of the Export Dialog.

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