Centurion Version History 1.24

Build #0001 09/29/04

New Version contains several major updates as follows:

  • Importing TrafMan Data – You can now import data from your existing TrafMan database. Several options allow you to synchronize your Centurion database and to optionally remove the data from Trafman once it is brought into Centurion (see section 7.a for more info).
  • Database View – completely updated and improved the database view function. Much more information about the sites is shown, and all imported files are immediately available as a sub-table. Has new “Tag All” and “Untag All” functions along with the “Tag Unexported” command to allow you to quickly select those files that have not yet been processed.
  • Parking Lot System – A new function allowing remote control and monitoring of up to 16 independent lots, 32 traffic counters, and 32 sign boards. This system utilizes radio modems and has many advanced user features. See section 10 for more complete information.

The following minor updates have also been made:

  • Multiple new “Has ____ Class” values added to the STATIONS and IMPORTS database. These values keep track of what type of data contained in the database and individual imports.
  • Addition of “Data Is Valid” and “Data Exported” records to the IMPORTS database. Exporting any data will automatically set the “Data exported” field.
  • Added “Start Date & Time” and “Stop Date & Time” to Stations database to track the beginning and ending range of data for the entire site. Delete data or importing new data automatically updates these values.
  • Added an Insert & Delete button to the Bin Table editor.
  • Now automatically correct faulty stop times on certain imports.
  • Modified the Tag/Untag function and also noted number of tagged items at top of screen.
  • Has new Search Dialog window in the Database viewer.

The following bugs have also been corrected:

  • Foxed help buttons from General, Directory and Organization preferences.
  • Fixed problem exporting to Excel with illegal file name characters in the Site ID.
  • Fixed problem writing Blank bin tables to a counter if the “Write All” command is used.
  • Fixed a bug in the Bin Table editor causing some computers to not convert speed and length values correctly (floating point error).
  • Fixed bug not showing type of data imported when bringing in Raw data.
  • Fixed problem handling certain Datahog Files from a Unicorn-Limited. Problem occurred with Raw, Binned, and Count data.
  • Fixed BDE error which reports out of disk space when HD space divides into 4GB

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