Unable to Write - Error Message Centurion CC

Unable to write to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Diamond\Centurion CC\CCSET.INI


You've installed and licensed the latest version of Centurion City and County (Centurion CC). After rebooting your workstation and loggin in you run the Centurion CC software when you get the following error message:


The error message indicates that when the Centurion software program was installed, it was done without proper Windows Operating System administrative security settings / rights permissions on the workstation. This may also effect the ability for the software to perform auto-updates and/or access and write to necessary program directories and files.


Contact your Network and/or IT specialist to gain the proper administrative user rights to run the Centurion CC Software application. Improperly configured Windows User Rights Security settings will have an effect on Centurion software's ability to load and operate properly.

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21st of October, 2011

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