Database repair and recovery options

You will first need to identify the current active database folder:

  File -> Preferences -> Directories -> Database [Tab]

The line ‘Main Database’ will contain the location (path) of the current database.

Close Centurion prior to proceeding.

Go to the installation directory and run the file ‘DTUTIL32.EXE’  once running, click on the ‘By Directory’ button.  Navigate into the ’Main Database’ location, as referenced above, and ignore the file named ‘Backup.db’.  Proceed with all other .db files found in your current database directory.

Selecting one file at a time (typically starting at the top and working to the bottom) choose the ‘ok’ button,  this should return you to the dtutil32 program.  Choosing the ‘Rebuild’ button and making sure that the message reads ‘Rebuild was successful’ (lower Left side of the program window).  If this is the case click on the ‘Verify’ button.  The message should now read ‘Verification Successful.  Table has no errors’. 

If this is the case, process the remaining files in the Database directory, again ignoring the file ‘Backup.db’.  All messages should read the same if not, please contact us for additional assistance.

 Once you are finished with the remaining files in the database folder you can close the dtutil32 program and restart centurion.  Once centurion is running, open the database (the yellow cylinder) or the telemetry map.  You should not receive any error messages.

The following steps should ONLY be completed AFTER a complete backup of the database has been made.  These following steps will destroy or delete data within the database in order to correct any errors.  Centurion should be closed to allow for a complete database copy.

 Next with the database open, right click on any station id and choose the option ‘Check & Repair DB…’  you will be prompted for verification that you want to proceed.  This option is a destructive repair feature.  If you did not create a backup earlier, please do so prior to choosing this option..  once you answer yes, centurion will check for any errors and repair them if any are found. 

When Centurion is finished processing the entire database, Centurion will display the results along with specific station/site id's that were effected by this repair function.  Clearing the messages should allow you to continue to use Centurion as normal
At this point you should receive a message stating the results.    Once you clear the message you should be able to process any of the Station/Site ID’s using the Report Generator button.

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