How to Manually Copy .BIN Data files into Centurion

At times it may be necessary to manually copy *.bin files into Centurion Gold, Parks, or CC software.  The following steps may be taken to place your *.BIN data files in the proper directory (location) to allow for a Manual Import using Centurion Software. 

In the following example we are using the Gold Version of Centurion and the path is referenced as Centurion Gold, the word Gold can be replaced by Parks, or CC, depending on the version that is currently installed on your computer.  Field does not have database functionality.  (Field is designed to collect data from counters while in the field, the collected data is then sent to a centeral location for processing.)

First, secure a copy of the *.BIN data file you wish to import on your local computer or network folder (* = the name of the File you wish to manipulate, for this example we'll use the 'IMPORT.BIN' data file on our desktop:
Next, right click on your My Compuer icon and select Explorer.  This will open Windows Explorer.

Using Explorer, navigate to your Program Files directory where Centurion is installed, by default the location is C:\Program Files\Diamond\Centurion Gold\).  From here you will locate the Download folder within the Centurion Gold Directory.
Next, copy and paste your BIN file into the Download folder you located above.

Note:  Do not place your BIN data file into the 'Archive' folder within the Download folder.  This will prevent the import from taking place.
Then, open Centurion and select File -> Manually Import Data.
The Select Files to Import Into Database... Dialog box will appear.  Choose the *.BIN file you wish to import (again for this example your file is named 'IMPORT.BIN'), and select Open.
Centurion will Import the data and develop it in the C:\Program Files\Diamond\Centurion Gold\Download\Archive folder automatically
(this is the same for all versions of our software whether Gold, CC, or Parks).

To Verify that the data has been imported, select the Database icon in Centurion's upper toolbar to open your Database.
You should see the List of sites in your database.  If necessary scroll down to the site id of the file you manually imported.  From here you can either run reports for this Site or further manipulate the data.

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