Naming conventions and Station IDís used in Centurions Database.

It is important to note that the Station ID referenced in Centurion’s Database is the Same Site ID that is referenced in our counters and classifiers.  Each Location that you collect data from needs to have a unique name that can NOT be used elsewhere for data collection purposes.  If you have a site along a state route for example make the assumption that there WILL be multiple locations that COULD be used to collect data at.  In doing this you will minimize the headache of trying to figure out why some sites will not import due to data overlays.

While setting up a counter or classifier you will be asked to fill out the following field:

Site ID:   
This field will provide the basis of how data is displayed once in imported into Centurion for processing and reporting purposes.

Depending on your Unit, you may be asked the following questions:

Info Line #1: This line can be used for either the first set of GPS coordinates or for larger geographical location such as a town, county, parish, park, or some other identifiable grouping.  This line is purely informational.
Info Line #2: This line can be used for either the second set of GPS coordinates or for further identifying Info Line #1.  For example, if Line 1 was used to represent a town, Line #2 could be used to specify a count that the town is a part of.  This line is also purely informational.

Site ID Hwy 58 Site ID Hwy 58
Info Line #1 Greenwaters 
Info Line #1 Diamond Peak
Info Line #2 Eastbound Info Line #2 Westbound

This information looks good however there could be several additional data collection sites on Hwy 58.   In fact in this example there will only be one site inside of the Centurion Database with the name of Hwy 58.  Centurion will show a data overlay error while attempting to import the second site stating that a site already exists with that name.

To remedy this problem before it starts, we need a more specific Site ID to start with.  In the above examples this would work more clearly:

Site ID Greenwaters Site ID Diamond Peak Site ID Odell Entrance
Info Line #1 Eastbound Info Line #1 Westbound Info Line #1 Diamond Peak
Info Line #2 Hwy 58 Info Line #2 Hwy 58 Info Line #2 Hwy 58

This information is not trying to tell you how to name your sites.  We are explaining how the naming convention works inside of Centurion, the program that most of our users use to retrieve data and process reports with.

We hope that this information is useful in reducing the confusion in how the Centurion Database uses Site ID’s.

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