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  1. questionOmega - Set Up & Data Retrieval
    The OMEGA is a counter that will start collecting timestamp data automatically. All you need to do is connect the road tube(s) and when the first vehicle that passes over the road tube in either direction will start collection and begin data storage. The following steps will guide the user t ...
  2. questionNaming conventions and Station IDís used in Centurions Database.
    It is important to note that the Station ID referenced in Centurion’s Database is the Same Site ID that is referenced in our counters and classifiers. Each Location that you collect data from needs to have a unique name that can NOT be used elsewhere for data collection purposes. If you ...
  3. questionOmega - Features & Specifications
    The Omega Timestamp Counter/Classifier is high end vehicle traffic recording unit that uses pneumatic road tubes sensors. The unit is extremely compact and lightweight in a 0.250 thick extruded aluminum wall case that is waterproof. It is programmable by a PC or laptop using either a hardwire US ...