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  1. questionHow To Update Your TT-6w or TT-8w's Firmware
    It is always a good idea to update the Firmware on the TT-6 or TT-8 Wireless (TT-6w / TT-8w) before you put them back out for there next service. In fact I would update the firmware prior to reconfiguring the Site ID’s and such, for each counter. Firmware updates may cause you to have to ...
  2. questionDefault Bin Tables - Pegasus, Phoenix and Unicorn MDK
    Overview The tables below describes the default bins categories that are used with the Pegasus, Phoenix and Unicorn MDK units. These “Bins” are used to total up all vehicles meeting a predetermined set of criteria. Note that this information is ONLY to be used if you are seekging ...
  3. questionWhat units are compatible with Centurion?
    The following is a list for known compatibility: Apollo: All Versions DataHog: 1.50+ Pegasus: 2.39 - 2.45 Phoenix: 2.39 - 2.45 Unicorn: 2.39 - 2.45 Unicorn Limited: All Versions Sprite: 1.40+ Trail Counter: All Versions Some older units can be upgraded to be compatible with Centurion. Contact u ...
  4. questionDataHog LED Indications - An Overview