How To Update Your TT-6w or TT-8w's Firmware

It is always a good idea to update the Firmware on the TT-6 or TT-8 Wireless (TT-6w / TT-8w) before you put them back out for there next service. In fact I would update the firmware prior to reconfiguring the Site ID’s and such, for each counter. Firmware updates may cause you to have to adjust or reset the counters clock, as such any data that was on the counter prior to the update would be erased perminantly (gone for good).

Best practice holds that you back up, or download of any data that is on the counter, verify that the data is valid using Centurion's Report Generator prior to proceeding with firmware update.

To update the counter’s firmware:

1. Activate the Counter by swiping a magnet across the Left side or the unit, and connect to the counter using Bluetooth Service

2. Launch your Centurion software (perform a software update (Help > Check For Software Updates...). This launches the programs auto-update feature. If necessary) Once up to date;

3. Open Centurion and Start Connections, selecting the Bluetooth Icon and connnect to the Unit to be updated

4.  When the Linked To: TT-6 (V1.01 – 03/09/06) dialog box appears, on your keyboard click and hold: Ctrl+Alt+F

5.  This should open a Upload New TT-6 / TT-8  Firmware Windows File selection dialog box, where you would select the most recent *.A43 file  (for example “TT6_V107.A43”),

6.  Next, click the Open button (this should launch the update portion of the program) and start the process. Uploading TT-6 or TT-8 V… will appear within the Linked To: dialog box within Centurion

7.  Once complete the Linked To: dialog box will close, the units display should read “Linked To: TT-6 or TT-8 (V1.** – MM/DD/YY)”, then resort back to B/T Link Active…

8.  At this point the firmware should be updated. To double check that the update took, start Connections from within Centurion. When the Linked To: display appears verify that it reads : “Linked To: TT-6  or TT-8 (V1.** – MM/DD/YY)”

Again, this will need to be done for each of the units individually, prior to reconfiguring the Site ID’s as firmware updates may cause you to adjust or reset the counters clock. Where any data that was on the counter would be wiped out (gone for good).

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