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  1. questionLoop & Traffic Signal Installers
    Loop and Traffic Installers within North America: This resource list has been compiled by Diamond Traffic Products as a courtesy to our customers and is not an endorsement of services. To be added to the list, contact: Company Name Phone City State Website USA: ...
  2. questionSeeing Data Loss When Using Telenet Connection, Why?
    Question: When creating a network connection between the ports of two Lantronix (or Digi One) servers I am seeing data loss, why? Answer: If you want to transfer full 8-bit data, use a raw connection, not a telnet connection. Telnet port settings and/or connections for data transfer are n ...
  3. questionTheory of Loops (Inductive Loops)
    Overview Inductive loops consist of one or more turns of wire, usually arranged in a rectangle. Inductive loops, as their name implies, operate by exploiting the electrical property of inductance. Inductance, measured in microhenries, can be defined as that property of an electric circuit wher ...