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  1. questionWhat is a Phoenix Field Unit?
    The Phoenix is a data gathering instrument for use in the field (roadway). By using the Phoenix and one of several possible combinations of sensors, traffic data and vehicle classification can be recorded and later retrieved. Speed, Length, Number of Axles, Vehicle Class Type are just a few typ ...
  2. questionPhoenix II Features & Specifications
    The Phoenix II is a stand alone unit that is designed to work with sensors to detect and classify vehicular traffic on interstates, highways and roads. Robust military specification connectors provide easy wiring of sensors, inputs and outputs of the Phoenix II unit. The Phoenix II comes with ...
  3. questionMetric/US(Imperial) Conversion errors in Bin tables
    Prior to 2004 (before Centurion version 1.30) there is a known issue of Metric to US conversion errors. All classification units prior to 1999 could be set to either US or metric. After 1999 Metric is used for all calculations and US measurements are converted and displayed. Metric is a finer ...
  4. questionModes, Sensors, and How to Use Them
    Overview Below we discuss the various ways the Phoenix MDK can collect data, and what types of sensors are required to collect each type of data. Please read this section carefully. The Phoenix MDK is a very sophisticated counter/classifier with many options. Reading and understanding this secti ...
  5. questionMemory Usage
    Each mode uses a different amount of memory for storing traffic data. This appendix is intended to give the user an approximation of how long a Phoenix MDK Field Unit may collect data before retrieval must be performed. Note that this is only a guide – it is recommended to retrieve data a ...
  6. questionFalse Leap Year error in Phoenix, Unicorn, Pegasus
    PROBLEM: Due to a binary to decimal conversion error inherent in the clock chip; the Phoenix, Unicorn, Pegasus units add the non-existent date of 02/29/2010 instead of moving to 03/1/2010. This adds a non-existent day to the calendar year of 2010. Because the units add this data; the data be ...
  7. questionPhoenix Pres style sensor inputs using Relay/OC contact closure outputs from external sensors
    The Phoenix, Unicorn and Pegasus units allows for input of relay, open collector to ground, contact closure output from external sensors in either pulse or presence format. This allows the unit to accept inputs from other sensors such as an external loop detector, microwave radar, video, magne ...
  8. questionPhoenix Technical Specifications
    Features Count 1 to 16 lanes Count methods include direction, lane subtraction and normal Classify 1 to 8 lanes Possible sensor arrangements per lane for classification: Two Axle sensors Two presence sensor Two axle sensors and one presence sensor Two presence sensors and one axle sens ...
  9. questionTrouble Shooting - The Phoenix MDK
    Some basic problems can occur during normal operation of your Phoenix MDK. Generally, they are caused by some small error in setup or sensor installation. Listed below are some basic problems and possible solutions. If you cannot solve an installation problem, or if you find a new solution to a ...
  10. questionDefault Bin Tables - Pegasus, Phoenix and Unicorn MDK
    Overview The tables below describes the default bins categories that are used with the Pegasus, Phoenix and Unicorn MDK units. These “Bins” are used to total up all vehicles meeting a predetermined set of criteria. Note that this information is ONLY to be used if you are seekging ...
  11. questionUsing the Phoenix MDK with a Modem
    Overview All Phoenix MDK counters come fully operable for use with a modem. You will need some type of telephone communication package to access the counter through the modem. Diamond Traffic Products offers our Centurion Gold for Windows® Telemetry software. The features include: Dis ...
  12. questionWhat units are compatible with Centurion?
    The following is a list for known compatibility: Apollo: All Versions DataHog: 1.50+ Pegasus: 2.39 - 2.45 Phoenix: 2.39 - 2.45 Unicorn: 2.39 - 2.45 Unicorn Limited: All Versions Sprite: 1.40+ Trail Counter: All Versions Some older units can be upgraded to be compatible with Centurion. Contact u ...
  13. questionDataHog LED Indications - An Overview