Trouble Shooting - The Phoenix MDK

Some basic problems can occur during normal operation of your Phoenix MDK. Generally, they are caused by some small error in setup or sensor installation.

Listed below are some basic problems and possible solutions. If you cannot solve an installation problem, or if you find a new solution to an old problem, please contact us using the form below. We are glad to help solve any type of installation problem or receive new installation information.

Please remember this section is intended as a guide towards installation troubleshooting. It is in no way intended for the service or repair of any type of the Phoenix MDK system.



Tubes are installed to collect Raw (Per-Vehicle) or Binned data, but errors keep occurring in the data.




Are the tubes the same length? Are they stretched tight (both the same amount if using two tubes per lane) across the roadway? Are there holes in the tubes (you can check this by plugging the tube and putting it underwater or under slight air pressure)? Is the end of the tube which is not being connected plugged properly?




I’ve installed loops in the road, but I am not getting axle counts. Why?




The loops will not detect individual axles. They are Presence Sensors which will let the Phoenix MDK know if a vehicle is present only. Road Tubes or Piezo Sensors must be used for axle counting. If you are not equipped for road tubes, and you need axle counting capability, contact Diamond Traffic Products.



I’ve installed tubes to collect Raw (Per-Vehicle) data, but I keep getting errors. I check the “Test Sensor” option, and the tubes are functioning.




Are the tubes in the correct order? Remember – the tubes must be connected in sequence depending on your lane assignment and configuration. Check the Tables in Section 2.a for confirmation. You may have a lane installed backwards. Another possible problem is bi-directional traffic. Do you have the directional option enabled?



I have installed a Phoenix MDK in a busy roadway. The counter has stopped collecting data when I arrived. Everything seems to be working.




Check the show status option. Is the memory full? You may need to retrieve the data from the counter more often.

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