Centurion Version History 1.31

Build #0001 04/28/07

New Version which has the following major new features:

  • Added support for programming/monitoring/downloading data from the Phoenix & TCC-540 WIM Counters. You can now completely setup these counters and operate them directly from Centurion (note that there is no direct support for WIM data in the database, but WIM and BIN+WIM data can be imported into the PerVehicle and Classification databases).
  • Added new Direct Dial Directory feature (accessed from the Telemetry menu or by pressing the F7 key). This is a simple dialing directory list available in Gold & Field versions. Similar to the older TT-Link/Telecom that can be used instead of the Centurion-Gold map.

In addition, the following minor changes and bug fixes have been made:

  • Fixed problem proce3ssing certain mixed flash vs. non-flash data in Datahog imports.

Build #0003 07/24/07

New version which has the following major new features:

  • Initial support for the Omega Traffic Counter (via Bluetooth) has been added (connecting to and downloading).
  • Ability to import Road Runner CSV Files (per-vehicle and volume) into the database.
  • All speed reports now include a Pace Speed calculation.
  • Added a Directional Grouping function to all Classification and Volume reports. This allows you to group any combination of lanes into two directions for report generation.
  • New Communication Logging system helps track down issues with communication using two different kinds of log files.

In addition, the following minor changes and bug fixes have been made:

  • Added window to select Master/Slave counter when Telemetry link calls a site and detects this. Also fixed a problem not recognizing password status when connected to the Master/Slave counters.
  • Fixed problem handling very large MMC based file directories.
  • Increased memory allocations.
  • Improved finding of available COM ports in the registry (finds modems better).
  • Added MSVCR71.DLL to the install.
  • Per-Vehicle General Flow Report now includes a note about the sum differences when printing together/separate. Also fixed a bug handling data with time to the hundredth of a second on this report.
  • Added a traffic Counter Setup Report (select File-Print when viewing the status of any Unicorn/Phoenix/Pegasus/TTC-540 Version 2.80 or higher).
  • The Telemetry now displays a blank map if no other map is selected.
  • You can right click on either trouble sites or on the site select combo and choose a new option to “Delete Station from Database”. This will eliminate the station from the map (if present) and the database.
  • Trouble sites no longer display sites that are not also viewed on the map.
  • Added a “Link to Counter” button at the bottom of the Call With Terminal window (lets you go ahead and connect to a counter after using the terminal).
  • Site Data Edit now allows you to delete multiple selected records.
  • The Classic View when linked to a WIM counter now supports printing of the view directly as well as a save current view ability.

Build #0005 09/04/07

  • Fixed problem with importing with Divide/2 enabled and Pres-Pres data (always had a count of zero).
  • Multiple changes to the New York READ ONLY version.
  • Changed to use older RAPI.DLL on install and took out MSVCR71.DLL. This fixes the problem with installing software on a machine with older (or non-existent) ActiveSync.
  • Added a “Location” line to the Direct Call Directory window.
  • Modem setup appears automatically if no modems are configured when Direct Dial Directory is opened.
  • Fixed problem with Still importing data even when Import When Direct Link disabled.
  • Added warning message when trying to import unsupported RoadRunner files.
  • Fixed wayward sign on General Flow Report.
  • Disabled directional grouping if user doesn’t put at least one lane in each direction.
  • Pace Speed set to 0 if no vehicles in period.
  • Fixed error when viewing a station call log with no calls (now shows warning and then displays all entries).

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