Metric/US(Imperial) Conversion errors in Bin tables

Prior to 2004 (before Centurion version 1.30) there is a known issue of Metric to US conversion errors.  All classification units prior to 1999 could be set to either US or metric. After 1999 Metric is used for all calculations and US measurements are converted and displayed. Metric is a finer unit of measurement and is used for all the data storage and processing. However, when creating Bin tables in the US format some rounding errors could occur and bin tables could have "gaps" that vehicles would fall through. This was corrected and addressed in Centurion version 1.30. TrafMan software was not corrected as it is obsolete. 

Bin tables can be viewed and should be created in Metric to avoid gaps in spacing to avoid this issue prior to Centurion Version 1.30.  

An exmaple of this is located in teh DEFUALT1.axl table seen below. Users using table with gaps should upgrade thier bin tables to correct the issue.

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