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  1. Flexible Conforming Pressure Mat Sensor - DISCONTINUEDFlexible Conforming Pressure Mat Sensor - DISCONTINUED [Article]
    Flexible Conforming Pressure Mat Sensor Diamond Traffic Products has developed a flexible, portable or permanent pressure sensing
  2. My Unit is Counting Every Other Axle That Hits It, Why?My Unit is Counting Every Other Axle That Hits It, Why? [Article]
    The Traffic Tally 2, Traffic Tally 4, & Traffic Tally 6W (TT-2, TT-4 & TT-6w) model counter...
  3. Omega - Features & SpecificationsOmega - Features & Specifications [Article]
  4. System Sentry - Enquires & Commands GuideSystem Sentry - Enquires & Commands Guide [Article]
    ST: Status (enquire) The Status enquire returns the current System Sentry status as follows: >%02X%02X%02X%02X%02X%02X%02X%04X%04X%04X,%04X Th
  5. Readme File for Centurion SoftwareReadme File for Centurion Software [Article]
    Readme File For Centurion (Gold, CC, Parks, & Field) 1. Introduction Thank you for trying Centurion Softw
  6. Inductive Loop GuideInductive Loop Guide [Article]
    Introduction An inductive loop is basically a metal detector installed in the surface of the roadway. It consists of electr
  7. Loop Sensor Technology - An OverviewLoop Sensor Technology - An Overview [Article]
    Chapter 2, Traffic Detector Handbook: Third Edition--Volume I, FHWA-HRT-06-108
  8. How To Install a New Battery in the Traffic Tally 2/4/6/8 CounterHow To Install a New Battery in the Traffic Tally 2/4/6/8 Counter [Article]
    ...nt references how to install a new battery in the Traffic Tally (TT-2, TT-4, TT-6, TT-6w, TT-8, TT-8...
  9. Centurion Version History 1.44Centurion Version History 1.44 [Article]
    This version and associated builds are still being tested. Active beta testing continues with the newest build available Located at the bottom of this list. IF you want to test the latest bui
  10. Centurion Version History 1.42Centurion Version History 1.42 [Article]
    Build #0001 03/07/16 Added
  11. Difference in Pace CalculationsDifference in Pace Calculations [Article]
    Pace speed calculations and how Centurion reports this value: You may notice a different pace speed value between the Per-Vehicle and Classification reports. This is due to the difference be
  12. Centurion Version History 1.39Centurion Version History 1.39 [Article]
    Build #0001 05/20/14
  13. Loop & Traffic Signal InstallersLoop & Traffic Signal Installers [Article]
    Loop and Traffic Installers within North America: This resource list has been compiled by Diamond Traffic Products as a courtesy to our customers and is not an endorsement of services.
  14. Centurion Version History 1.40Centurion Version History 1.40 [Article]
    Build #0001 03/17/15
  15. Centurion Version History 1.37Centurion Version History 1.37 [Article]
    Build #0004 12/20/10
  16. Centurion Version History 1.34Centurion Version History 1.34 [Article]
    Build #0001 09/24/08
  17. Centurion Version History 1.32Centurion Version History 1.32 [Article]
    Build #0001 01/15/08
  18. Centurion Version History 1.31Centurion Version History 1.31 [Article]
    Build #0001 04/28/07
  19. Centurion Version History 1.28Centurion Version History 1.28 [Article]
    Build #0001 12/01/05
  20. Centurion Version History 1.27Centurion Version History 1.27 [Article]
    Build #0001 04/26/05
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