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  1. Flexible Conforming Pressure Mat Sensor - DISCONTINUEDFlexible Conforming Pressure Mat Sensor - DISCONTINUED [Article]
    Flexible Conforming Pressure Mat Sensor Diamond Traffic Products has developed a flexible, portable or permanent pressure sensing
  2. My Unit is Counting Every Other Axle That Hits It, Why?My Unit is Counting Every Other Axle That Hits It, Why? [Article]
    The Traffic Tally 2, Traffic Tally 4, & Traffic Tally 6W (TT-2, TT-4 & TT-6w) model counter...
  3. Omega - Features & SpecificationsOmega - Features & Specifications [Article]
  4. System Sentry - Enquires & Commands GuideSystem Sentry - Enquires & Commands Guide [Article]
    ST: Status (enquire) The Status enquire returns the current System Sentry status as follows: >%02X%02X%02X%02X%02X%02X%02X%04X%04X%04X,%04X Th
  5. Readme File for Centurion SoftwareReadme File for Centurion Software [Article]
    Readme File For Centurion (Gold, CC, Parks, & Field) 1. Introduction Thank you for trying Centurion Softw
  6. Inductive Loop GuideInductive Loop Guide [Article]
    Introduction An inductive loop is basically a metal detector installed in the surface of the roadway. It consists of electr
  7. Loop Sensor Technology - An OverviewLoop Sensor Technology - An Overview [Article]
    Chapter 2, Traffic Detector Handbook: Third Edition--Volume I, FHWA-HRT-06-108
  8. How To Install a New Battery in the Traffic Tally 2/4/6/8 CounterHow To Install a New Battery in the Traffic Tally 2/4/6/8 Counter [Article]
    ...nt references how to install a new battery in the Traffic Tally (TT-2, TT-4, TT-6, TT-6w, TT-8, TT-8...
  9. Centurion Version History 1.44Centurion Version History 1.44 [Article]
    Build #0001 03/21/17
  10. Centurion Version History 1.42Centurion Version History 1.42 [Article]
    Build #0001 03/07/16 Added
  11. Loop & Traffic Signal InstallersLoop & Traffic Signal Installers [Article]
    Loop and Traffic Installers within North America: This resource list has been compiled by Diamond Traffic Products as a courtesy to our customers and is not an endorsement of services.
  12. Difference in Pace CalculationsDifference in Pace Calculations [Article]
    Pace speed calculations and how Centurion reports this value: You may notice a different pace speed value between the Per-Vehicle and Classification reports. This is due to the difference be
  13. Centurion Version History 1.39Centurion Version History 1.39 [Article]
    Build #0001 05/20/14
  14. Centurion Version History 1.40Centurion Version History 1.40 [Article]
    Build #0001 03/17/15
  15. Centurion Version History 1.37Centurion Version History 1.37 [Article]
    Build #0004 12/20/10
  16. Centurion Version History 1.34Centurion Version History 1.34 [Article]
    Build #0001 09/24/08
  17. Centurion Version History 1.32Centurion Version History 1.32 [Article]
    Build #0001 01/15/08
  18. Centurion Version History 1.31Centurion Version History 1.31 [Article]
    Build #0001 04/28/07
  19. Centurion Version History 1.28Centurion Version History 1.28 [Article]
    Build #0001 12/01/05
  20. Centurion Version History 1.27Centurion Version History 1.27 [Article]
    Build #0001 04/26/05
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