How To Install a New Battery in the Traffic Tally 2/4/6/8 Counter

This KB document references how to install a new battery in the Traffic Tally (TT-2, TT-4, TT-6, TT-6w, TT-8, TT-8w)

Please note that both the TT-6w (wireless) and TT-8w (wireless) use "C" sized batteries - not "AA". Replace only with a 3.6V "C" Cell Lithium Battery

Before beginning,you will need to obtain the following from Diamond Traffic Products:

                        1 – 3.6v AA Lithium Battery (or 1 - C sized for either the TT6w, or TT8w counters)

                        1 – Rubber gasket for the faceplate

                        4 - #6 stainless washers with rubber “O” ring center (THESE ARE CRITICAL!!)

                        1 – Nylon cable tie (to secure the battery to the circuit board)


Remove the Lexan faceplate by removing the four, #6 – 32 X 3/4 machine screws from the corners. NOTE: Be careful not to strip the head of each screw.

Lift and remove the electronic circuit board from the case.  Unplug the wires from the air switch.  Snip the nylon cable tie that holds the battery in place TO THE BACK SIDE OF THE BOARD.

Install the new, 3.6v Lithium AA battery in the holder.  Pay close attention to polarity (positive and negative ends). NOTE: DO NOT USE A 1.5v AA ALKALINE BATTERY. THESE WILL NOT WORK!!

Install a new nylon cable tie to keep the battery in the holder and prevent failure if the counter were to be dropped or handled roughly. NOTE: Make sure there is a small triangular shaped foam rubber pad seated on the ledge at each corner of the counter. Plug the air switch back into the circuit board and re-install that board back in to the case so that its corners rest on the four foam rubber pads.


Please reference the attached PDF Below for a Printable guide.

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