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Flexible Conforming Pressure Mat Sensor

Diamond Traffic Products has developed a flexible, portable or permanent pressure sensing mat for installation in foot, bicycle or snowmobile trails; as well as dirt or gravel roads for axle sensing. As a sensor, this mat is suitable for counting people, bicycles, snowmobiles, horses, motocycles, as well as cars and trucks.

The pressure mat can be made in any size or shape to fit your specific application. The mat may be buried under dirt, gravel, sand or snow. With the proper adjustments, it can sense and provide counts when concealed up to four (4) feet, 36" inches beneath surface grade.

Common sizes are 2'x 3', 3'x 4', 5'x 6' or 6'x 8' feet; with a standard twenty (20) foot - #18 gauge lead wire to the counter.

The mat has an electronic circuit with the ability to set individually both the sensitivity level and dead time adjustment to eliminate multiple counting of a single event.

The pressure mat can be incorporated into our line of Traffic Tally's (TT); or the Sprite, Pegasus time interval recording counters, as well as our Unicorn classifying counter.

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10th of July, 2015

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