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  1. questionFlexible Conforming Pressure Mat Sensor - DISCONTINUED
    Flexible Conforming Pressure Mat Sensor Diamond Traffic Products has developed a flexible, portable or permanent pressure sensing mat for installation in foot, bicycle or snowmobile trails; as well as dirt or gravel roads for axle sensing. As a sensor, this mat is suitable for counting people, ...
  2. questionCompatible USB to Serial Cables (Devices)
    The results below are for Windows XP SP2 Operating System Device Centurion TrafMan Sabrent SBT-USC1K (Prolific) Yes Yes Sabrent SBT-USC1M Yes No CablesToGo Model#26886 (Prolific) Yes Yes BAFO technologies BF-810 ***Carrier Detect Issues*** Yes Yes TrendNet TU-S9 Yes Yes ...
  3. questionSystem Sentry - Basic Features & Functions
    Introduction The System Sentry is an electronic system manager for permanent traffic data collection sites. It is designed to do two things: 1. Help prevent sites from going down. It does this by: Providing the best quality lightening and EMI suppression electronics for the sites power, RS232, ...
  4. questionSystem Sentry with TrafMan
    The following screen shots show the basic functions and commands available to you after linking to the System Sentry with TrafMan Software. Main Link Screen (Data Download & Real Time Power Monitor are not available with Version 1.00 Firmware): ATR Reset & Power Toggle: Setting System ...
  5. questionSystem Sentry - Storage Format
    The following chart describes the binary storage format used by the System Sentry: Byte Bit Description 0 7 Voltage @ 12V Battery/DC Charger Value is in 1/20th of a volt (0.05V). This is the average voltage during the period. (9 bits, 0x1FF, from 0 to 511 which equals 0.00V to 25.55 ...
  6. questionSystem Sentry - Operational Flow & LED Description
    The System Sentry has four LED's which indicate various aspects of system operation. These LED's indicate what basic operations and status are currently active as described below: When power is first applied, the System Sentry performs the following steps: The Status LED is turned on, the Cha ...