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  1. Centurion Version History 1.44Centurion Version History 1.44 [Article]
    Build #0001 03/21/17
  2. Centurion Version History 1.42Centurion Version History 1.42 [Article]
    Build #0001 03/07/16 Added
  3. Centurion Version History 1.39Centurion Version History 1.39 [Article]
    Build #0001 05/20/14
  4. Centurion Version History 1.41Centurion Version History 1.41 [Article]
    #0001 06/25/15 Added built
  5. Centurion Version History 1.38Centurion Version History 1.38 [Article]
    Build #0001 05/20/13
  6. Centurion Version History 1.33Centurion Version History 1.33 [Article]
    Build #0001 05/14/08
  7. Centurion Version History 1.34Centurion Version History 1.34 [Article]
    Build #0001 09/24/08
  8. Centurion Version History 1.27Centurion Version History 1.27 [Article]
    Build #0001 04/26/05
  9. Modes, Sensors, and How to Use ThemModes, Sensors, and How to Use Them [Article]
    Overview Below we discuss the various ways the Phoenix MDK can collect data, and what types of sensors are required to collect each type of data. Please read this sec
  10. Memory UsageMemory Usage [Article]
    Each mode uses a different amount of memory for storing traffic data. This appendix is intended to give the user an approximation of how long a Phoenix MDK Field Unit may collect data
  11. Phoenix Pres style sensor inputs using Relay/OC contact closure outputs from external sensorsPhoenix Pres style sensor inputs using Relay/OC contact closure outputs from ext... [Article]
    The Phoenix, Unicorn and Pegasus units allows for input of relay, open collecto
  12. Road Tube Known Problems & SolutionsRoad Tube Known Problems & Solutions [Article]
    Below we discusses the various problems that road tubes can cause. Road tubes present their own unique set of problems for automatic vehicle classifiers & counters. Being aware of these potentia
  13. Road Tube Installation GuideRoad Tube Installation Guide [Article]
    General Guidelines for Road Tube Installation- An Overview Introduction The following information is to be used as
  14. Setting the Apollo to Display Metric Setting the Apollo to Display Metric [Article]
    Setting an Apollo to Display Metric (Manual Configuration of Counter) POWER ON power to Apollo Press