Centurion Version History 1.27

Build #0001 04/26/05

This version has the following changes and major new features:

  • Adds support for V2.91 and higher EPROM versions. This includes support for the new Piezo V4 Board, support for the MDK High Speed Downloading option, and support for selecting Loop Paring Modes with the V2.92 and higher EPROM.
  • Modified the Date Format option to better work throughout the program. Because of its support for various date format selections inside the traffic counter, Centurion does not use the Windows setting and has its own Date Format selection in the General Preferences menu.
  • Changed the database view of imports to show continuous blocks of data in alternating colors. This helps you to see gaps in the data collection.
  • Added full support for direct importing of Peek PRN Files. Centurion can now import Peek data files directly.
  • New Golden River Export Format now available from the export menu.
  • The database editor now allows Copying selected blocks of data to the clipboard. This data can then be pasted into any compatible Windows software (such as Word or Excel). In addition, two new functions are available (accessed by right clicking on the data in the database) which allow you to Reset Spacings and Apply Factors. The Reset Spacings function allows you to quickly repair data that has been collected using the wrong sensor spacing (it also automatically detects and fixes Tailgating Vehicles). The Apply Factors function will adjust counts up or down on any lane or combination of lanes.
  • The Report Generator has a new popup menu allowing you to select one of 9 different Paper Sizes, generating Graphs or Not on all reports, and printing just Grand Totals or All pages. In addition, the Basic Classification report now supports up to 30 speed bins (although the paper orientation and size need to be selected to show all the bins).

This version also has the following minor bug fixes and changes:

  • Changed Per-Vehicle raw files default block size to 16k from 32k. This fixes a scroll bar issue when editing the data.
  • Fixed problem with 2.80 and higher EPROM’s not correctly displaying all sensor modes. Also fixed bug in not correctly displaying these modes with Start Collecting.
  • Problem with not always recognizing expanded/collapsed on the database view has been fixed. The scroll bars have also been replaced with ones that function correctly.
  • Bug with not correctly adding the date sub-directory onto the imported file name is fixed. This mostly affected the Re-Import function.
  • Changed the TMG Export function to allow full alphanumeric Site ID values. Also added some default suffix to some of the export formats (ASCII exports get .TXT, Binary exports get .BIN).
  • The text editor supports some new options (like Bold, Italic, etc.) with a popup menu.
  • The Site Copy function now correctly copies all values.
  • Pressing Control+F call up the Find menu in the database.
  • Database editor now uses 2400 clock and the Per-Vehicle records are displayed with the Hundredths value.
  • Fixed problem not loading bin table specification every time when doing Per-Vehicle Flow Report.
  • Fixed multiple problems with loading/saving charts and specifying a new chart as the default.

Build #0002 06/23/05

Minor maintenance update with the following changes:

  • Changed Uni-Lim sensor data imports from 153,600 to 184,320 clock rate (also changed LastCTime to use seconds and fixed a bug in not updating this correctly).
  • Fixed import problem when data format not set to MM/DD/YY.
  • Automoved all registration info from HKEY_CURRENT_USER to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. This occurs the first time the software is run from an older version and allows Centurion to be run by any user of the computer.
  • Fixed problem not setting the format of date in the database editor.
  • Fixed problem opening the Site Setup when date format not set to MM/DD/YY.
  • Fixed problem only showing one line when + is first clicked.
  • Fixed bug on Direct To Excel trying to load a “SnMis Storage Class Enabled” record (should be named “SnMis Class Enabled”).
  • Changed the “Null” field value to a blank (from saying NULL) in Direct to Excel.
  • Changed all times in Excel format to 24 hour clock and also made the date format match the setting in Centurion.
  • Fixed a problem with the Print All function in the Report Generator.

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