Centurion Version History 1.33

Build #0001 05/14/08

Update includes muiltiple changes for Ohio DOT as well as a variety of bug fixes and other issues.

  • Database:
    • Fixed problem with Access Violation on shortcuts from the database view menu (now use Global Hotkey).
    • Added a Lane Renumber button to the Site Data Edit Window.
    • Enhanced Lane Renumber to support limited merging data. This works to move lanes from subsequent imports into lanes that have already been renumbered.
    • Added Time Shift button to the Site Data Edit window and to the Site Setup windown. This function allows data to be shifted one way or another.
    • Made the "Find Next" button on the task bar work correctly with the site data editor.
    • Completely changed the Data Editor Find button. Program now has a stay-on-top dialog that lets you find things in a variety of ways (like first, last, and next). Roll's over to start with next button.
    • Site data editor now lets you select a range of data to edit (tag the first and last record of a site's imports and then click edit).
  • Ohio DOT Changes:
    • Added button to open TMG Editor from Site Setup.
    • Noted under Site Setup lanes that the direction code does not apply to TMG. Also made this field a combo box of N, S, E, W.
    • Added the Ohio TMG Exports (Card 3, 4, C, & L). Includes both a 15 minute card 3 and a custome file naming.

Build #0002 05/21/08

  • Database:
    • Fixed naming of bin number on site data search and added a note about searching.
  • Reports:
    • Added option to do Week Total instead of Average on Weekly 24 Hour Volume Report.

Build #0003 05/29/08

  • Counter:
    • Added support for new Expanded Site ID (now includes the 15 character serial number).
    • Added support for reading in the last study variables.
    • Made the following change for the Omega:
      • Now waits 5 seconds for Bluetooth Link.

Build #0004 06/05/08

  • Export:
    • Added new preference options:
      • New Check box for PRN INDOT Format
      • Changed PRNUseSite ID to a four choice box for PRN Files:
        (standard, SiteID + standard, Site ID.prn, Site ID.x.PRN).
    • When INDOT Format is selected, the following changes are made to the PRN file:
      • Record 1, Value 1, is now the Serial # instead of the Site ID
      • Record 1, Value 2, is now the Site ID instead of Info Line 1
      • Record 1, Value 3, is always 01 instead of being an 01 for the first counter of a site or an 02 for the second counter of a site
      • TMG Identification no longer appends to County (Record 3, Value 2)
      • Format Code is returned as a 410 instead of 400
    • Reports:
      • Added remembering whether or not to open a report after it is saved.

Build #0005 06/22/08

  • Counter:
    • Changed support for Omega to work with newer and much faster Omega V0.51 and higher USB connection..
    • Fixed problem with code upload not working with faster USB connection. Added a code check to the uploader to make sure it works correctly.

Build #0006 08/04/08

  • General:
    • All system settings are now saved automatically after a call to General, Ports, Organization, or Directory Preferences.
  • Telemetry:
    • Fixed problem with Access Violation on closing out link with no other MDI Windows open during linking.
    • Fixed so closing map when call initiated from other place does not disconnect link.
    • Added option to move the Direct Dial Directory from database to database.
    • Fixed bug in changing the Telemetry Station list giving a "Field Not Found" error.
  • Counter:
    • Changed so all file naming uses an "_" instead of a "." to allow easier viewing of files when extensions are not visible to user.
    • Updated all Omega icons.
    • Fixed problem with not creating two lanes with RoadRunner East/West data.
  • Database:
    • No longer allow user to specify database sub-directories (force to match by Centurion).
    • Map view now properly closed and reopened when database directory has changed.
    • Warning window displayed if you try to re-import non-existant data files.
    • Warning window also displayed if you try to time-shift non-existant data.
  • Ohio:
    • Added "Ohio Short Count and "Ohio Monthly" check boxes to the export dialog.
    • Changed file naming convention to include support for all three modes (Permanent, Short, & Monthly)
    • Fixed bug causing sites with short ID's (like 892) from not containing the correct name.
    • "Short Count" does not breakup files. "Monthly" breaks files into monthly sections, "Permanent" does daily.
    • When "Short Count" selected, TMG Lane of Travel is extracted from the first character of each lane info line. TMG Direction is extracted from the second character.
    • Added an "Auto-Export" file directory setting.
    • Added an "Auto-Export" setting to each telemetry zone.
    • When "Auto-Export" has been set to "Ohio TMG" for any zone, at the end of any import the data is automatically exported (works only if import is also enabled).
    • "Ohio TMG" auto-export picks volume, class, or length output based on the type of data downloaded. Note that Ohio Monthly and Ohio Short Count check boxes do apply, so they should be turned off if necessary. Also the export process will be halted if a stie has never had it's data exported before, so setting TMG info first for each site us useful.
  • Exporting:
    • Changed all TMG Exports to use blanks instead of zeros for non-existent data.

Build #0007-8 08/13/08

  • Ohio:
    • Fixed issue with exporting names on short count (was not doing leading zeros).
    • Fixed 3-Card start/end times.
    • Fixed C-Card start/end times with 60 min data.
    • Fixed problem with not properly handling 15 minute exports with Ohio C & L Card.
    • Fixed problem with L card exports giving access violation.
    • Fixed multiple problems with TMG exports related to having partial day files.
    • Added "Ohio D Card" format (Speed Bins).
  • All:
    • Completely removed SnMis from all TMG export totals.

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