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  1. questionMust Enter A Valid License Code - Error Message Centurion
    ISSUE: You've downloaded and installed the latest version of Centurion software and it has been thirty (30) or more days from the date of the initial install. When attempting to continue to use the software, a Centurion License dialog box prompts you to Set License (enter a valid license code). ...
  2. questionHow To Convert Your .DAT File into a .BIN File
    To convert existing .DAT files into .BIN files please follow the these steps: Open TrafMan Software and select 'Database' Select the appropriate Database where the original file is located Highlight the File you wish to export, and press the 'X' key on your keyboard Select 'Binary Format (new ...
  3. questionReadme File for Centurion Software
    Readme File For Centurion (Gold, CC, Parks, & Field) 1. Introduction Thank you for trying Centurion Software from Diamond Traffic Products. Please report all bugs or other problems via email to: Diamond Traffic Products Customers: Note: This Readme f ...
  4. questionCopy a Direct Call Directory (DCD)
    Copying your Direct Call Directory (DCD) from one workstation to another I found that the setting “File>Preferences>Communication>Telemetry> Have Direct Dial directory saved in the DB Directory” does make a difference in how the program behaves. ...
  5. questionCan I use other software with Diamond units?
    All Diamond traffic counters use a protocol to communicate with PC software (Centurion). This protocol is a proprietary format that is documented and available upon request to be used in order to integrate with other software packages or custom ITS or polling applications. Because of all the p ...
  6. questionWhat is the difference between the Centurions CC/Parks/Field/Lite?
    Centurion is separated into different versions to make it easier for agencies and users to work more efficiently. Our City/County (CC), Parks & Recreation, and Field version (for on site programming and downloading) are all utilized for their respected fields of use. Our Lite version is for ...
  7. questionCan I get a copy to try out first?
    You can download a full version to try free for 30 days. If you decide to purchase the software just contact us and arrange for payment and your unlock code. The copy you've downloaded will be licensed without any extra installation needed.
  8. questionTraffic Data Management Software (DOS) - TrafMan
    Overview TrafMan has been the standard in traffic data management for over 20 years. From remote Counter programming to custom reporting and data management, TrafMan is a full software suite that offers great flexibility and robust features. TrafMan is fully compatible with most Diamond Traffic ...
  9. question30 Day Trail Period Has Expired - Error Message License Code
    30 Day Trail Period Has Expired - Error Message Must enter a valid License Code to continue... This Error Message indicates that you have not yet entered a valid License code, or that you have lost permission to read the previously entered code. If you have Not yet entered you code, please c ...
  10. questionSeeing Data Loss When Using Telenet Connection, Why?
    Question: When creating a network connection between the ports of two Lantronix (or Digi One) servers I am seeing data loss, why? Answer: If you want to transfer full 8-bit data, use a raw connection, not a telnet connection. Telnet port settings and/or connections for data transfer are n ...
  11. questionTrafMan Installation | Windows XP
    TO ALL WINDOWS USERS: Windows XP / 2000 / NT Users must configure com ports to avoid windows access conflicts. TrafMan installation uses the Installshield® Windows installer. The typical setup file will use the windows wizard install format used in current windows programs al ...
  12. questionOptimal CONFIG.SYS Settings for TrafMan
    ICS#110101-1: Optimal CONFIG.SYS Settings for TrafMan Software Virtually all PC's in use today operate using the Windows 95, 98, NT or later operating systems (OS). Windows XP uses a different approach to handling memory configurations for MS-DOS programs please refer to our KB document "Maximi ...
  13. questionAdding Command Line Switches to Centurion Executable
    Follow these steps to create a shortcut to start Centurion from the Windows desktop with a command line switch: Right-click the Windows desktop, point to New on the shortcut menu that appears, and then click Shortcut. In the Create Shortcut dialog box, click Browse. In the Browse dialog box, c ...
  14. questionWill Centurion Export to Microsoft Excel?
    Yes you can export directly to Microsoft Excel. We've added a shortcut into Centurion that will directly open and format the data for you automatically. It makes exporting to Excel a snap. To locate this feature do the following: 1. Open your version of Centurrion Gold, CC, Field or Parks 2. ...
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