Centurion Version History 1.01

Build #0001 08/21/02

  • Updated all VCL component libraries to fix bugs and improve system operation.
  • Changed the registration system to work through an FTP firewall in "Open" configuration.
  • Users of V1.00 are automatically registered & licensed for V1.01 if they have a current license for V1.00 (no additional information sent to DET).
  • Fixed problem with manual registrations not accepting Authorization code from DET help desk.
  • Reorganized the Registration dialog to make it easier to read and fill out.
  • Fixed misspellings on Per-Vehicle flow report.
  • Changed import system to make sure all new imports are posted after each counter file to prevent missing database data in case of problem.
  • Changed import to check for key violations prior to posting ANY volume, classification, or per-vehicle record during the import process.
  • Fixed problem with windows being inaccessible under toolbar.
  • Fixed problem with not immediately changing database directories when user chooses new path.

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7th of May, 2015

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