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  1. Centurion Version History 1.37Centurion Version History 1.37 [Article]
    Build #0004 12/20/10
  2. Centurion Version History 1.30Centurion Version History 1.30 [Article]
    Build #0001 09/28/06
  3. Centurion Version History 1.26Centurion Version History 1.26 [Article]
    Build #0001 02/01/05
  4. Centurion Version History 1.24Centurion Version History 1.24 [Article]
    Build #0001 09/29/04
  5. Com Port Conflict with Windows 32-bit Operating SystemCom Port Conflict with Windows 32-bit Operating System [Article]
  6. TrafMan no longer working in XP Security Update (KB2724197)TrafMan no longer working in XP Security Update (KB2724197) [Article]
    Windows XP: Restore EMS (expanded memory) after 10 October 2012 Windows update A Windows XP update installed on 10 October 2012 disables expanded (EMS) memory for DOS applicati
  7. Metric/US(Imperial) Conversion errors in Bin tablesMetric/US(Imperial) Conversion errors in Bin tables [Article]
    Prior to 2004 (before Centurion version 1.30) there is a known issue of Metric to US conversion errors. All classification units prior to 1999 could be set to either US or metric
  8. Compatible USB to Serial Cables (Devices)Compatible USB to Serial Cables (Devices) [Article]
    The results below are for Windows XP SP2 Operating System
  9. Binned Data Error - TrafManBinned Data Error - TrafMan [Article]
    Bin Table Definition Not Found - Error Message TrafMan
  10. How To Convert Your .DAT File into a .BIN FileHow To Convert Your .DAT File into a .BIN File [Article]
    To convert existing .DAT files into .BIN files please follow the these steps: Open TrafMan Software and select 'Database'
  11. Traffic Data Management Software (DOS) - TrafManTraffic Data Management Software (DOS) - TrafMan [Article]
  12. Adjust Day Light Savings Time - TrafManAdjust Day Light Savings Time - TrafMan [Article]
    Adjusting Day Light Savings Time in TrafMan 1. Connect the counter you wish to set up for daylight savings to your PC. 2. Open Trafman and
  13. TrafMan Installation | Windows XPTrafMan Installation | Windows XP [Article]
  14. Optimal CONFIG.SYS Settings for TrafManOptimal CONFIG.SYS Settings for TrafMan [Article]
    ICS#110101-1: Optimal CONFIG.SYS Settings for TrafMan Software Virtually all PC's in use today operate using the Windows 95, 98, NT or later opera
  15. System Sentry - Basic Features & FunctionsSystem Sentry - Basic Features & Functions [Article]
    Introduction The System Sentry is an electronic system manager for permanent traffic data collection sites. It is designed to do two things:
  16. System Sentry with TrafManSystem Sentry with TrafMan [Article]
    The following screen shots show the basic functions and commands available to you after linking to the System Sentry with TrafMan Software. Main Link Screen (Data Downl
  17. System Sentry - Storage FormatSystem Sentry - Storage Format [Article]
    The following chart describes the binary storage format used by the System Sentry: