Centurion Version History 1.26

Build #0001 02/01/05

This version adds linking to the Unicorn, Phoenix, Pegasus, & TTC-540 counters with a V2.80 or higher EPROM. Note that no WIM functions can be set or used, but all other counter operations are fully functional.

There has also been the following misc. other changes:

  • Fixed importing problem importing TTC files that have been exported by TrafMan (halts at 25%).
  • Changed to use a Year-Month sub-directory on the Source directory. Also slightly renamed data files in Source.
  • Fixed “Epoch” setting on Report Generator (also on Ask Counter Time/Date setting).
  • Changed to use military time on Report Generator (everywhere).
  • Fixed problem with lanes 8 and higher on certain reports.
  • Added “Enabled Autopolling” setting on Parking System – Counter Setup screen.

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7th of May, 2015

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