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  1. Metric/US(Imperial) Conversion errors in Bin tablesMetric/US(Imperial) Conversion errors in Bin tables [Article]
    Prior to 2004 (before Centurion version 1.30) there is a known issue of Metric to US conversion errors. All classification units prior to 1999 could be set to either US or metric
  2. Memory UsageMemory Usage [Article]
    Each mode uses a different amount of memory for storing traffic data. This appendix is intended to give the user an approximation of how long a Phoenix MDK Field Unit may collect data
  3. Naming conventions and Station IDís used in Centurions Database.Naming conventions and Station IDís used in Centurions Database. [Article]
    It is important to note that the Station ID referenced in Centurion’s Database is the Same Site ID that is referenced in our counters and classifiers. Each Location that y
  4. Road Tube Installation GuideRoad Tube Installation Guide [Article]
    General Guidelines for Road Tube Installation- An Overview Introduction The following information is to be used as
  5. Inductive Loop GuideInductive Loop Guide [Article]
    Introduction An inductive loop is basically a metal detector installed in the surface of the roadway. It consists of electr
  6. What units are compatible with Centurion?What units are compatible with Centurion? [Article]
    The following is a list for known compatibility: Apollo: All Versions DataHog: 1.50+ Pegasus: 2.39 - 2.45 Phoenix: 2.39 - 2.45 Unicorn: 2.39 - 2.45
  7. Cascade Underside Jumper.jpgCascade Underside Jumper.jpg [Attachment in Power over serial to Cascade modem from UPP units. ]
  8. Cascade RNG jumper left.jpgCascade RNG jumper left.jpg [Attachment in Power over serial to Cascade modem from UPP units. ]
  9. readme.docxreadme.docx [Attachment in Optimal CONFIG.SYS Settings for TrafMan]
  10. readme.docxreadme.docx [Attachment in Readme File for Centurion Software]