TT-6w or TT-8w Serial Numbering Using Bluetooth | XP

To enter the serial number for your TT6 or TT8 Wireless Traffic Counter Units please use the following steps:

  1. Start Hyperterminal* on your Workstation or PC (Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > HyperTerminal)
  2. Click on the Disconnect Phone icon in HyperTerminal to disconnect the serial com port
  3. Next, activate your TT-6w or TT-8w with magent to power it On
  4. Click on the connnect phone icon in Hyperterminal to connect to the TT Traffic Counter
  5. Once connected, type CTRL+E in HyperTerminal to display the counter's start up string (TT6#107 9/13/06 for example)
  6. Next, type in "CS=*****" where ***** is the counter's unique serial number (for example if our counters serial number was 12345  we would type in CS=12345) to be programmed into the unit. The counter will display "OK" if it is accepted
  7. Then, type in "GS" (get status command) to show the counter's status, where the just programmed serial number should be displayed in the string returned
  8. Return to Step 2 to repeat for another unit, or correct and existing counter's serial number

*Please note that Hyperterminal is no longer an option in Windows 7, and that this KB would not be applicable. There is no known solution for those using Windows 7

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21st of October, 2011

Omega, TT-6W, TT-8W

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