road_mounting_frame.gifROADWAY MOUNTING FRAMEWORK

This mounting frame is designed to be permanently installed in the roadway. The frame has a locking bar secured with machine bolts that allow piezo or resistive sensor units to be replaced without sawing out the old sensor and grouting in the new one.

The frame work is available constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum or baked electrostatic powder coated steel.

Sizes available are 6' (180 cm) and 11'6 (345 cm) long. The frame can ordered to receive one, two, three, or four sensors side by side. The three and four sensor units are normally used as treadles in toll plazas.


6' one sensor #MF61

6' two sensor #MF62

6' three sensor #MF63

6' four sensor #MF64

11'6" one sensor #Mf1161

11'6" two sensor #MF1162

11'6" three sensor #MF1163

11'6" four sensor #MF1164

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