AMP ATOCHEM Brass Linguine (Unencapsulated Sensors)

amp_atochem.gifAMP ATOCHEM Brass Linguine (Unencapsulated Sensors)

Class I (WIM) and Class II (Axle Sensor Only). This flat 1/16" (1.5mm) x 1/4" (6mm) brass piezo electric axle sensor can be taped temporarily to road surface or permanently installed by grouting into a 3/4" (2cm) wide x 3/4" (2 cm) deep slot across the pavement.

The flat cross section increases sensitivity to tire loads directly over the sensor and improves rejection of ghost axle signals.

Available in 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', 8', 9', 10', 11', 12' and 13' lengths.

Sensor comes standard with 100' of coaxial cable and is shipped in a 24" x 24" x 3" (60 cm x 60 cm x 7 cm) corrugated box.

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9th of December, 2009

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