Restarting a new count in the TTC-4420 Trail Counter

If you are positive that all data stored in the trail counter has been transferred successfully to your PC you can erase the old date in the trail counter and reset the counter for a new count.  


1. To reset the counter and start a new counting cycle. You must first have the display active. If the display is blank, activate it by touching the magnet to the yellow dot.


2. After the display has become active touch the magnet to the red dot to continue the data deletion process. The display should read:


3. Next, to reaffirm you wish to delete memory again, touch the yellow dot (to activate the display) to reset the counter. After the counter has completed clearing the memory the display should read:


Note: If the siren sounds, the counter is not aligned with the reflector and needs to be adjusted. Refer to the Trail Counter Field Manual to set up the proper alignment.

Test Mode:

When the counter has captured the return beam from the reflector, the sign will stop and the counter will enter test mode to verify the reflector is aligned with the counter and at what percent the signal strength is. We recommend that you achieve a signal strength of 80% or better for optimal results.

The counter will also collect "test counts" when the beam is broken (for verification that the unit and site set up is working properly). You must block the beam for about 1/6 of a second or more. Easiest method is for someone to walk in between the counter and the reflector. The display should read:

Start Your Data Collection Cycle:

Once the counter is aligned and securely fastened to a tree, post or alternate mounting device, and you are ready to start your data collection cycle -  touch the magnet to the yellow dot.

Now your new data collection cycle has begun.

Remember to log the time and date as the counter does not record this information.

Note: The counter will eventually enter sleep mode, signified by the display going blank, to conserve battery life. This should occur in approximately 10-15 minutes after collection cycle has begun.

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