Transferring Files From DataHog to a PC using Centurion

Transferring Files from DataHog to a PC, Workstation or Laptop using Centurion:


  • Open CENTURION on your workstation.
  • Connect DATAHOG to your workstation using a Null Modem Cable (provided with purchase of DataHog).
  • Click on ‘Start Connection’ and turn on power to DATAHOG.  CENTURION will show a progress bar showing transfer status while the DATAHOG will flash its LED sequence.  
  • When finished, you may turn off the DATAHOG and disconnect Null Modem Cable.  IT IS ADVISED THAT YOU CHECK THE DATA QUALITY BEFORE ERASING THE DATAHOG MEMORY.  This cannot be “undone”, once the memory is erased, the files are gone and cannot be retrieved.

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21st of October, 2011

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