I've swiped the magnet across the side of the Counter while viewing the data, and now it is gone.

Is there any way to get that data back?

By design, if the display of the portable traffic counter is on, users have the option using the magnet to show each interval count (by repeat touches to the display) or to select intervals.

To "Reset to zero" (erasing all of the data on the counter), the process is accomplished by swipping a magnet across the red dot on the side of the counter.

*          0

Unfortunately there is no way to retrieve the data once it has been "Reset".

It is important not to swipe the magnet near the sides of the counter until you are sure that you want to erase all of the data in it.

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17th of October, 2011

TT-14, TT-2, TT-21, TT-3, TT-4, TT-41, TT-6, TT-6W, TT-77, TT-8, TT-8W

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