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  1. questionPOLLLOG.DB Error Message Centurion-Gold
    Corrupt file - other than header. Table: C:\PROGRAM~1\Diamond\CENTUR~1\DB\POLLLOG.DB ISSUE: Using the call log in the map view. Basically, if you dial a site and immediately afterwards change your view to check your Poll Log, the table does not load and appears to turn “black”. Onc ...
  2. questionAuto Polling Peek ADR or 241 units.
    Centurion Gold V1.36 Build #0007 and later supports polling data from Peek 241 and ADR counters. This function only works via the map and autopoller, it does not function with a direct connection to a Peek counter. To use it, generally all you must do is put the Peek site on the map just like a ...